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Manufacturer Recalls & Pharmaceutical Updates

Below you will find recent Class I and II recall notices provided to Smith Drug Company by the manufacturing community. If lot number information is not posted or you have any other concerns, please contact your Smith Drug Company Customer Service Representative.


Date Manufacturer Drug Details
05/23/2017 GlaxoSmithKline Ventolin® HFA Inhalers (Expansion) View  
05/22/2017 Allergan Saphris® View  
05/18/2017 Allergan BLEPHAMIDE® View  
05/16/2017 Invacare Invacare Assist Rail (Consumer Level) View  
05/16/2017 Zydus Pharmaceuticals Divalproex Sodium DR Tablets (Extension) View  


Date Manufacturer Drug Details
04/27/2017 Standard Homeopathic Hyland’s Teething Tablets (Consumer Level) View  
04/27/2017 Taro Pharmaceuticals U.S.A. Nystatin & Triamcinolone Acetonide Cream (Retail) View  
04/27/2017 Hospira Dextrose Injection View  
04/27/2017 Teva Pharmaceuticals Clozapine View  
04/21/2017 Sun Pharma Metformin View  
04/12/2017 Sun Pharma Alfuzosin Hydrochloride, Extended-Release Tablets View  
04/03/2017 Mylan EpiPen® & EpiPen Jr® (Consumer Level Recall) View  


Date Manufacturer Drug Details
03/31/2017 Alcon Laboratories, Inc. lsopto® Carpine View  
03/30/2017 Sandoz, Inc. Pilocarpine Hydrochloride Opthalmic Solution View  
03/27/2017 GlaxoSmithKline Ventolin® HFA Inhalers View  
03/21/2017 Allergan LUMIGAN® View  
03/21/2017 Fresenius Kabi USA Fluphenazine Decanoate Injection View  
03/20/2017 Zydus Pharmaceuticals Divalproex Sodium DR Tablets View  
03/17/2017 Gilead Sciences, Inc VITEKTA® (for information only - we do not stock) View  
03/09/2017 Perfecta Products, Inc. Zim’s View  
03/09/2017 Pfizer, Inc. Quillivant XR® View  
03/09/2017 Medtronic Medical Devices (Eye Pads & Dressings) View  
03/09/2017 Prasco Laboratories Calcipotriene Cream View  


Date Manufacturer Drug Details
02/28/2017 Endo Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Edex® View  
02/23/2017 McKesson Packaging Services Asprin Chewable Tablets View  
02/23/2017 Bayer A+D® Diaper Rash Cream View  
02/20/2017 Teva Pharmaceuticals Risedronate Sodium View  
02/20/2017 Dr. Reddy's Laboratories, Inc. Zentane View  
02/15/2017 Hospira, Inc. Metronidazole View  
02/13/2017 Sandoz, Inc. Pioglitazone & Glimepiride Tablets View  
02/09/2017 Teva Pharmaceuticals Buprenorphine & Naloxone View  
02/08/2017 Actavis Levofloxacin View  
02/08/2017 Par Pharmaceutical Travoprost View  
02/07/2017 Perrigo Clindamycin Phosphate and Benzoyl Peroxide Gel View  
02/06/2017 Apotex Cyclosporine View  
02/03/2017 Sandoz, Inc. Transderm Scop® View  
02/03/2017 Teva Pharmaceuticals Mimvey® Lo View