Apace Packaging has formed an alliance with Smith Drug Company to provide pharmacies that supply Long Term Care facilities, an alternative packaging solution. Apace can provide packaging in a BINGO card configuration in 7, 14, 30 and 60 doses as a LOW cost solution to adding profit into your pharmacy.

Apace personnel and processes are guided by the FDA's current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and we meet FDA standards for 21CFR, parts 210 and 211. Apace Packaging is licensed by the FDA and Kentucky Board of Pharmacy with State Board of Pharmacy permits throughout the US.

Smith Drug as well as APACE Packaging is striving to provide a low cost high quality solution to an ever changing marketplace.

Pharmacy First

Pharmacy First - Providing an array of services to Independent Pharmacy, including Contracting Assistance, third party payer Reconciliation and Adherence & Rebate services. To learn more visit www.PharmacyFirst.com.

Control Substance Ordering System

Control Substance Ordering System (CSOS) - Electronic Ordering System for CII substances available, providing faster processing and delivery while complying with DEA guidelines. For more information, please visit www.deaecom.gov

DEA Registration Validation

DEA Registration Validation - The DEA, Office of Diversion Control maintains registrant data and is considered the primary source of information on DEA registrants. Check a prescriber's registrant status.

data Smith - Ordering System

Data Smith - Ordering system giving the customer an easier way to check stock and electronically create and transmit orders to Smith Drug Company.

The Drugsmith monthly newsletter

The DrugSmith - A monthly newsletter keeping you informed of new items, discounted items, disease state and category information that will keep you up-to-date on the pharmaceutical industry. learn more

Good Sense - full line of controlled label quality OTC products

Good Sense - Full line of controlled label quality OTC products that are National Brand Equivalent (NBE), at a fraction of the cost to you and your customer. learn more

Third Party Station

Third Party Station - Easing the burden for Independent Pharmacy by offering third party payer Contracting Assistance as well Central Pay and Direct Pay Reconciliation options. To learn more visit www.PharmacyFirst.com.

Snackwise - Smith Candy & Convenience Program

(Smith Candy & Convenience Program) - Sweeten up your profits with name brand candy, such as, Hershey, Snickers and M&M. We also carry a line of cookies, crackers, Faygo drinks and other convenience items. This program will generate impulse sales with high profit margins.

SmithSource Generic Program

SmithSource Generic Program - Offers excellent pricing on approximately 3500 generic pharmaceuticals, putting profit back into the pocket of the pharmacy.

Healthwise Pharmacy

HealthWise - Showcase the front end of your store with a professional, full color circular advertising program. learn more


Healthwise Pharmacy

HealthWise Customer Loyalty Program - An affordable, program to encourage repeat visits from your customers. There is no contract and you customize the program to meet the needs of your pharmacy. learn more


BargainWise monthly flyer program

BargainWise- is a monthly flyer program featuring: GoodSense items, DollarWise items, 2 for $1 candy, Value Priced Products,Shelf Talkers & Price Stickers. Plus the Semi-Annual Complete BargainWise Catalog. learn more

The Smith Gift Box for every occasion

The Gift Box - When you browse our selection of gift and specialty items, you will find that we offer something for everyone and every occasion! learn more





Smith RX QuikShip

Rx QuikShip - Always have the newest and most innovative pharmaceuticals on hand, while taking advantage of special dating and introductory allowances from the manufacturer.

Smith GeneRX QuikShip

GeneRx QuikShip - Lets you exclusively take advantage of first-to-market generic pharmaceuticals. Also allows you to take advantage of off invoice allowances and avoid losing sales to competition by always having the newest generics as soon as they are released.

Hamacher Resource Group

Hamacher Resource Group - Pricing & Merchandising Smith Drug Company relies on the leader in the industry for pricing and merchandising of independent pharmacies. We are able to provide Service for pricing strategies based on market specific research that will aid your pharmacy in being competitive within your market. All markets are different So you have the capability of selecting the zone pricing which best fits your pharmacys pricing strategy and philosophy as well as the market. Also, category plan-o-grams are created and updated to merchandise appropriate product assortment and optimal product placement Making it easier for the customer to shop for a particular product(s). For more information, please visit www.hamacher.com

Smith Home Medical Equipment

HME - Full line of Home Medical Equipment, carrying over 4000 items. Dedicated customer service available to help with questions regarding equipment. With the use of the Mini-Cat, our HME computer catalog, you can see the actual products with description and Smith order entry numbers. If a computer is not available, simply refer to our print catalog, complete with our extensive HME product line. learn more

DollarWise Values

DollarWise - A program with all items priced at a $1.00 for your customers, including health and beauty aids, household chemicals & general merchandise. Aisle markers and signage is also available. learn more

Smith Diabetic Care

DiabetiCare - A unique program promoting the diabetes category by providing plan-o-grams, point of sale materials, screening days, product catalogs, CE programs, signage and much more! learn more

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