Home Medical Equipment Catalog, Vol. VI

118 Kimberly-Clark Depend Shield for Men Discreet and comfortable to guard against drips and dribbles of wet- ness. Ultra-thin with strong adhesive grip and discreet, pocket-sized wrap. 58/pkg. 35641 62-8198 Depend Guards for Men For light to moderate absorbency. Ultra thin super absorbent cup-like shape, soft side barriers and adhesive strip. Individually wrapped. 12" long. 52/pkg. 13792 53-4933 GoodNites Tru-Fit Inserts Refill pack of disposable absorbent pads for Tru-Fit underwear. Unisex. SM/MD 38-65 lbs. 18/pkg. 37138 81-2842 LG/XL 60-100 lbs. 16/pkg. 37137 81-2834 Kimberly-Clark Poise Impressa Internal Bladder Supports for Women Safely inserts into the vagina to sup- port urethra and help prevent stress incontinence for up to 8 hours. OTC. Starter kit with two each of sizes 1-3. 6/pkg. 46569 80-0151 Size 1 10/pkg 46558 80-0169 Size 2 10/pkg 46559 80-0177 Size 3 10/pkg 46560 80-0185 Poise Pads Contoured pad features Absorb-Loc core, Leak-Block sides, and Dri- Touch layer. Waterproof cover has adhesive strip. Individually wrapped. Moderate abs., reg. length 10.9" 20/pkg. 19564 40-8252 66/pkg. 33558 58-0928 Moderate abs., long length 12.4" 16/pkg. 19566 60-2458 60/pkg. 39299 58-0894 Ultra Thins light abs., reg. length 8.3" 14/pkg. 19568 33-3054 30/pkg. 19202 37-3753 Ultra Thins light abs., long length 9.3" 24/pkg. 19906 21-4809 Maximum abs. with side shield. Reg. length 12.4" 48/pkg. 33594 58-0878 Maximum abs. with side shield. Long length 14" 39/pkg. 33591 58-0902 Ultimate abs., reg. length 15.6" 33/pkg. 33592 58-0910 Ultimate abs., long length 15.9" 27/pkg. 33593 58-0886 Poise Liners Contoured pad features Absorb-Loc core, Thin-Flex Design, and Dri- Touch layer.Waterproof cover has adhesive strip. Individually wrapped. Microliner, lightest absorbency, long length 6.9". 50/pkg. 48288 80-9137 Very Light, reg. length 7.5" 48/pkg. 13333 55-7371 Very Light, long length 8.5" 44/pkg. 19304 51-8373 Liners, regular length 7.5" 26/pkg. 19305 39-0906 Liners, light, long length 8.5" 24/pkg. 19308 31-8626 U by Kotex CleanWear Pads For overnite protection. Ultra-thin with 3D Capture Core, Xpress DRI cover, Tru-Fit wings, and super soft sides. Unscented, easy-open wrappers. 12/pkg. 47789 83-6486 Extra-heavy 24/pkg. 47790 83-6494 Disposable Liners, Pads, Shields & Guards First Quality Prevail Belted Shields For moderate/heavy protection. One size fits all with button reusable elastic straps, Target Acquisition Zone, Stay- Dry Layer. 30/pkg. PV-324 33-1918 Prevail Male Guard For moderate protection. Body- shaped pad with cloth-like outer fab- ric, Target Acquisition Zone and Blue Stay-Dry Strip, and adhesive strip. 13" long. 14/pkg. PV-811 07-5218 Prevail Bladder Control Pads Contoured-shaped pads features Odor Guard, QUICK WICK layer, dis- creet design, soft sided shield, and adhesive strip. Individually wrapped. Moderate 9.25" long 20/pkg. BC-012 33-2130 Mod. Extra 11" long 16/pkg. BC-013 33-2197 Max Extra 13" long 42/pkg. PV-915/1 60-5170 Ultimate 33/pkg. PV-923/1 60-5535 Very lite 3"x7.5" 36/pkg. PV-926 35-9992 Prevail Pant Liners Contoured pad features cloth-like outer fabric, Advanced Zoning System, Target Acquisition Zone, breathable zone, elastic leg gathers, and adhesive strip. Individually wrapped. 13" x 28". LG Plus 16/pkg. PL-113/1 09-7436 Hartmann MoliMed Premium Contoured Pads Anatomically shaped with Dry-Plus fluid distribution layer for slight to moderate bladder control problems. 14/pkg. Mini 10.5" x 5.5" 168634 55-8726 Midi 13" x 6.5" 168644 55-8734 Maxi 17.5" x 8" 168654 55-8742 Attends Shaped Pads Heavy Absorbency Feature triple-tier moisture locking system, cloth-like inner and outer liner, leg gathers, contoured shape, and adhesive patch. Day Plus, Yellow, 24.5" 24/pkg. SPDP 79-8678