Home Medical Equipment Catalog, Vol. VI

14 Cane Holders & Strap HealthSmart Vivi Bridgit Cane Rest prevents canes from falling when not in use. Snaps on and off, fits 5/8" to 1" diameter canes. 512-2002-0001 66-6461 Nova The Cane Holder easily attaches to most canes with spring hinge. Hang canes on tables, chairs, etc. 4" x .5" x 3". 12009 59-5348 HealthSmart Black Nylon Cane Strap attaches easily and securely to any cane. Black nylon 9" strap with hook/loop attachment. 512-1366-0200 29-1997 Canes, Displays, Holders & Straps Essential Medical Fashion Offset Cane Adjustable, 7/8" aluminum shaft with foam handle that is great for arthritic hands. Includes wrist strap. Height adjusts 30"-39". 250 lb. capacity. Laser Cut Blue W1580B 35-7590 Laser Cut Green W1580G 37-0189 Laser Cut Purple W1580P 36-8365 Laser Cut Red W1580R 37-2235 Morning Glory W1345M 38-4958 Paisley W1345P 54-3157 Gentle Touch Designer Offset Canes feature ergonomic rubberized handle with finger notches. Height adjustable 30"-39". 250 lb. capacity. Blue W1346DB 60-7234 Graphite W1346G 60-7242 Popart W1346PA 60-7259 Stone W1346S 60-7267 Tropical W1346T 60-7275 Designer Offset Cane Anodized aluminum 7/8" cane with ribbed grip handle and wrist strap. Height adjusts 30"-39".300 lb. capacity. Amethyst W1344A 69-1865 Bouquet W1344B 69-1873 Halo W1344H 69-1881 Ocean W1344O 69-1899 Paradise W1344P 69-1907 Retro W1344R 69-1915 Offset Cane Anodized aluminum 7/8" cane with foam handle and wrist strap. Height adjusts 30"-39". 250 lb. capacity. Black W1340BLK 23-8113 Silver W1340SIL 23-7859 Bronze W1340BRNZ 23-5697 Replacement foam handle. Black W1340FHBL 38-5310 Bronze W1340FHBR 38-5856 Cane with Round Handle Anodized aluminum 7/8" cane with comfortable foam handle. Height adjustable 30"-39". 250 lb. capacity. No replacement hand grips avaliable for this cane. Silver W1510SIL 22-0988 Black W1510BLK 22-0996 Bronze W1510BRZ 22-1010 Steppin’ Out Cane Lightweight 7/8" aluminum cane with black wooden handle. Height adjusts 31"-40". 250 lb. capacity. Textured black W1430BL 06-6779 Textured blue W1430DB 06-6746 Textured red W1430R 06-6811 Spring Garden Collection Cane Slim 5/8" shaft cane has wood derby handle sized for small hands. Height adjustable 31"-40". 250 lb. capacity. Wildflower W1550W 33-2171 Rainbow W1550R 33-5877 Folding Blind Cane Lightweight aluminumwith reflective bottom red stripe and white tip.Wrist strap on rubber handle. 50". EW1311 74-1744 Folding 4-Leg Seat Cane Four-leg lightweight aluminum cane with canvas seat. 14"l x 6"d x 35"h. 225 lb. capacity. W1451 35-3474 Folding 3-Leg Seat Cane Three-leg lightweight aluminum cane with high-impact plastic seat 7.5" diameter and handle. 34.25"h. 225 lb. capacity. W1450 22-0954 Fashion Cane Display with 18 of the most popular canes (variety of offset and T-handle fashion canes). SW711 40-3196 Deluxe Cane Display - Wood holds 18 canes. Canes not included. W1318 40-4939