Home Medical Equipment Catalog, Vol. VI

141 Coloplast Brava Protective Skin Barrier Hydrocolloid Skin Barrier with 3-way stretch offers effective protec- tion for the skin around the stoma, provides a ready surface for good adhesion, and protects irritated skin from stoma output. Adheres to moist skin. 4" x 4". 10/box 32105 58-8624 Curved Elastic Barrier Strips are a secure alternative to tape. 5-1/2". 20/box 120700 66-8053 Coloplast Skin Barriers Skin Barrier Paste protects peris- tomal skin and extends pouch wear time. Low alcohol content and latex- free. 2 oz. tube. 2650 29-3639 Skin Barrier Strips used to protect peristomal skin and fill-in uneven sur- faces to create flat pouching surface. Pectin-based. Alcohol and latex-free. 2 oz. strips. 10/box 26555 29-5725 Convatec Stomahesive Stomahesive Wafers with plastic outside layer protect skin for up to seven days. Gentle to remove. 4" x 4" 5/box 021712 26-2782 8" x 8" 3/box 021715 15-1282 Stomahesive Paste protects skin around stomas and fistulas. 2 oz. tube 183910 15-1381 Stomahesive Protective Powder Increases skin barrier/wafer's wear- time by absorbing moisture while helping to prevent skin irritation. 1 oz. bottle. 025510 32-0341 Convatec Eakin Cohesive Seals Pectin-Based Rings for extra protec- tion around stomas, fits most pouch- es. 2" x 1/6" 20/box 839002 38-0055 4" x 1/6" 10/box 839001 14-3610 Slims 2" x 1/8" 10/box 839005 56-0789 Ostomy Skin Barriers 3M Nexcare Stoma Seal Colostomy Dressing Dressing for the regulated colostom- ate, featuring pad and srong adhe- sive in one easy-to-apply dressing. Pad absorbs six times its own weight, holds back fluid pressure and resists fluid penetration, to protect clothing and provide a greater sense of secu- rity. 4" x 4". 30/box 1507 40-9698 Hollister Skin Barriers Adapt Skin Barrier is a thin and flex- ible hydrocolloid, conform easily to body contours to enhance security. Adapt Skin Barrier Strips. 5/8" long. 10/box 79400 41-2320 Adapt Barrier Extenders Hydrocolloid formulation. 30/box 79402 78-9925 Adapt Skin Barrier Paste 2 oz. tube 79300 41-2049 Adapt Flextend M (extended wear) Skin Barrier Rings 10/box 1-3/16" Flat 7805 41-1751 1-3/16" Flat 7806 41-1835 1-3/16" Convex 79520 41-2429 1-3/16" Convex 79530 41-2551 1-9/16" Convex 79540 41-1900 Adapt Stoma Powder is used to absorb moisture from broken skin around the stoma, which allows for better barrier adhesion. 1 oz. puff bottle 7906 42-5249 HolliHesive Skin Barrier standard wear protects the skin from irritating stomal discharge, even in heat and moisture. 4" x 4". 5/box 7700 42-5181 Premium Skin Barrier standard wear protects skin from irritating urinary or fecal discharge and wound drainage. Gentle and flexible. 4" x 4". 5/box 7800 42-5223 Karaya 5 Paste uses Karaya, which is a natural hydrocolloid offering unique chemical properties for skin care. 4.5 oz. tube 7910 42-5256 Karaya 5 Powder protects raw and weeping skin by creating a sticky gel. The Karaya is a natural hydrocolloid that has unique skin care properties. Squeeze bottle allows aeration of powder onto the skin. 2.5 oz. 7905 42-5231