Home Medical Equipment Catalog, Vol. VI

147 Skin Moisturizers, Ointments, & Lubricating Jelly Smith & Nephew Secura Extra Protectant Cream Cream with 30% Zinc Oxide can be used on macerated skin. Provides a high level of protection for patients with severe diarrhea, and will not wash away after repeated exposure to urine and feces. Contains karaya to absorb moisture and adhere to weepy, macerated skin. Soothing, non-sensitizing, contains Vitamin E. 3.25 oz. 59432400 32-3022 7.75 oz. 59432500 40-9524 Secura Antifungal Extra Thick Cream Cream with 2% Micanazole Nitrate cures most jock itch, ringworm, and athlete's foot while relieving the symptoms. 3.25 oz. 32900 26-5660 Secura Protectant Ointment Ointment with 98% petrolatum, Vitamins A and E for treatment and prevention of diaper dermatitis. Includes clove oil to mask odor. 5.6 oz. 31600 38-5872 Secura Dimethicone Skin Protectant Contains 5% dimethicone for maxi- mum protection and propylene glycol for moisturizing. Non-greasy, will not wash away, absorbs quickly, does not clog absorbent diapers. 4 oz. 59432200 25-3427 Convatec Aloe Vesta Protective Ointment With a natural botanical, soothes red, sore or irritated skin while providing protection as a moisture barrier. Fragrance and dye free. 2 oz. 324913 42-9506 8 oz. 332498 70-0989 Aloe Vesta 2-in-1 Antifungal Ointment With a natural botanical and 2% miconazole nitrate in a occlusive petrolatum base that repels moisture. For treatment of athlete’s foot, ring- worm, jock itch and other yeast infec- tions. Fragrance and dye free. 2 oz. 325102 74-1736 5 oz. 325105 36-0602 Aloe Vesta Daily Moisturizer Contains 3% dimethicone and a nat- ural botanical to help prevent and temporarily protect chafed, chapped and cracked skin. Also contains petrolatum to promote skin hydration. Fragrance and dye free. 8 oz. 324809 42-9522 Sensi-Care Body Cream Concentrated for chronic dry skin, contains emollients that smooth and soften the skin, humectants that attract and retain moisture. Clear application. Fragrance and dye free. 3 oz. 324403 18-5082 Sensi-Care Protective Barrier Petrolatum and 16% zinc oxide barrier adheres to and helps treat denuded skin and prevents irritation. Easy to apply and remove. Fragrance and dye free. 4 oz. tube 325614 69-8423 Gloves In A Bottle Gloves In A Bottle Shielding Lotion Lasts through multiple washings. Non-greasy, fast-absorbing. Enhances the skin's ability to retain natural oils while protecting from irri- tants. 2 oz. GIAB2OZ 75-5488 3.4 oz. tube. 34016 81-5308 4 oz. 40ZREG 75-5314 8 oz. 8OZREG 75-5355 Mission Pharmacal Dr. Smith’s Adult Barrier Spray Touch-free application. 10% zinc oxide barrier spray creates an uni- form protective moisture shield, and won’t stain fabric. Helps treat and prevent rash and chafing due to incontinence. 3.5 oz. 34803 76-4092 6 oz. 034806 68-3177 Lubricating Jelly DynaLube Jelly Water soluble, eliminates spotting and streaking on instruments. Sterile. 2.7 gm pks. 144/box 1250 60-7200 2 oz. fliptop tube 1252 73-7429 4 oz. fliptop tube 1254 73-7437 SurgiLube Jelly Water soluble, non-staining. Sterile. 5 gm. tube. 48/box 20555 37-2276 5 gm. foil pack. 144/box 20545 38-0766 4.25 oz. screwtop lid 20536 30-2992 4.25 oz. fliptop lid 20537 13-4700 KY Jelly Water based, fragrance free, non-greasy formula. 2 oz. 67981-08902 69-4372 4 oz. 67981-08912 69-4380 GoodSense Jelly Water soluble, cleard, non-greasy. 4 oz. tube LP14765 38-3620