Home Medical Equipment Catalog, Vol. VI

16 Quad Canes Roscoe Medical ProBasics Bariatric Small Base Quad Cane Sturdy aluminum cane with with welded steel base, locking anti-rattle ring on height adjustment (27"-36") and comfortable contoured vinyl handle. Attractive black powder- coated finish. 500 lb. capacity. CNQHSBB 83-7807 Carex Aluminum Quad Cane Small base quad cane with cushioned handle adaptable for right or left-hand. Base 6" x 7.75". Height adjusts 28"-37". 250 lb. capacity. Silver A734-C0 40-3592 Designer series with cushioned han- dle. Black. A741-00 58-3120 Drive Medical Quad Cane Aluminum cane with push-button height adjustment 30"-39" with locking bolt, vinyl offset handle, and non-chip finish. 300 lb. capacity. Small base chrome 10301-4 42-5652 Small base black RTL10310 59-4754 Essential Medical Endurance Quad Cane Anodized aluminum quad canes with low base and offset foam handle. Height adjusts 29"-38". 300 lb. capacity. Small low base 6" x 8" Bronze W1301BRNZ 23-6240 Silver W1301SIL 24-1570 Large low base 7" x 11" Black W1302BLK 23-6455 Bronze W1302BRZ 23-7735 Silver W1302SLV 23-6265 Designer Quad Cane Anodized aluminum quad canes with small base 6" x 8", and com- fortable foam handle. Height adjusts 30"-39". 250 lb. capacity. Desert W1303D 07-2363 Flower W1303FLW 06-8189 Indigo W1303IND 08-1984 Quad Cane Tips Carex Tips Rubber tips with metal reinforcement. 4/pk. Fits 5/8" tubing A705GRY 18-4226 Fits 3/4" tubing A725 18-5157 Drive Medical Small Base Quad Cane Tips fits 1/2" cane. 4/pkg. RTL10320BKB 80-1340 Essential Medical Tips Rubber tips with metal reinforcement. 4/pk. Fits 1/2", black T50012B 24-7601 Fits 1/2", gray T50012G 23-6463 Fits 5/8", black T50058B 18-8342 Fits 5/8", gray T50058G 23-7248 Cane Tips Carex Self-Standing Cane Tip Sturdy non-slip rubberized tip pro- vides increased stability and allows cane to stand on its own. Fits shafts 7/8"-3/4". (Not to be used with folding canes.) A708-00 57-7411 Carex Replacement Rubber Tips Metal-reinforced, skid-resistant, 100% rubber cane tips. Black. 2/pkg. Fits 5/8" tubing A717 18-4390 Fits 3/4" tubing A718 18-4648 Fits 7/8" tubing A719 18-4895 Fits 1" tubing A720 18-4978 Drive Medical Quad-Support Cane Tip provides stability, better traction, and allows cane to be self-standing. Fits 3/4". Each. RTL10351 80-1274 Drive Medical Able Tripod Cane Tip flexes in use to reduce impact, provides extra stability and allows cane to be self-standing. Fits 3/4" cane. 10349 08-6595 Drive Medical Cane Tip Rubber tip provides strong grip and floor protec- tion. Fits 3/4", black. Each. RTL10322BKB 80-1357 Essential Medical Rubber Tips with metal washers. 1 pr. Fits 5/8", black T10058BL 41-4995 Fits 5/8", gray T10058G 22-1549 Fits 3/4", black T10034BL 41-4987 Fits 3/4", gray T10034G 22-1531 Fits 7/8", black T10078BL 41-4946 Fits 7/8", gray T10078G 22-1572 Essential Medical Super Big Foot Cane Tip with six flexing “feet”. 250 lb. capacity. Each. Black T20010B 74-5455 Pink T20010P 74-5463 Nova Cane Tip are 2"h x 1.5"w. Long-lasting rubber. Fits 3/4", black 10018BK 51-3143 Fits 3/4", grey 10018GR 51-3150 Rose Cane Ice Grip Attachment attaches easily to any wood or aluminum canes and most standard crutches with 2 included screws. Flip-up design lifts up when not in use. Strong steel 5-prong design. 8.6" high. 1087 83-5694 Cane Tips