Home Medical Equipment Catalog, Vol. VI

168 Nebulizers MicroVapor Devices Pocket Neb Electronic vibrating mesh nebulizer is 2.5” x 3.125” x .75”, weighs 10 oz. Feature max run time of 90 minutes, LED-indicator lights for power and low battery, continuous or on-demand aerosol of 1-5 micron particle size in .25 m./minutes. Medication cup, USB charger plug, mouthpiece and mask adapter, and travel pouch included. MVD-70 80-7867 Charger and cable MVD-70-6 80-7875 Travel pouch MVD-70-7 80-7883 Mouthpiece and mask adapter MVD-70-8 80-7891 Medicine cup, mouthpiece and mask adapter MVD-70-9 80-7909 Pari PariTrek S Portable Compressor Nebulizer Weighing less than 1 lb, delivers pow- erful performance and short treatment times. Deluxe model includes a Li-Ion rechargeable battery, AC and 12V DC adapters, carrying case, 2 Pari LC Sprint reusable nebulizers, Pari Wing Tip tubing, Timestrip to remind patients to replace their PARI reusable nebulizer. 47F45-LCS 38-0493 Deluxe model with Li-Ion rechargeable battery. 047F35-LCS 13-9279 Li-Ion rechargeable battery and 12V DC adapter for Pari Trek S 47F0020 44-7227 Vios Compressor Nebulizer Efficient Vios compressor with max 34 PSI, 8.5 LPM, nominal 18 PSI. 3 lbs. 5 year warranty. Includes Pari LC Plus reusable nebulizer, backup reusable nebulizer, Timestrip, and Wing-Tip tubing. 310F83-LC+ 63-7488 Replacement filters 12/pkg. 041E4851P12 64-6380 Pediatric version. Includes Pari LC Plus reusable nebulizer and backup nebulizer, Bubbles the Fish II pedi- atric aerosol mask, Wing Tip tubing, Pari Pals Activity Book and Sticker Set, Pari Pals decoder card, and 100% cotton tote. 1P310F83-P 58-3633 Filter for ProNeb. 85F0012P1 14-8700 LC Plus Nebulizer Pari LC Jet Plus reusable hand-held nebulizer. Output rate is controlled by patient's breathing with unique valve system. Dishwasher safe. 22F81 22-9443 Nebulizer Masks Pro-vent technology helps deliver more medication while reducing facial and eye deposition. Front-load design directs aerosol towards patient’s mouth. Comfortable aerosol delivery with soft, flexible mask. Latex and Phthalate Free. Adult Aerosol Elongated Face Mask, soft PVC plastic with elastic strap. 44F7252 68-4340 Bubbles the Fish II mask with elastic strap. 44F7248 12-1004 Omron CompAir Tabletop Nebulizer Quiet, weighs less than 3 oz., delivers nebulization rate of 0.30 ml. per minute with parti- cles as small as 5 um MMD. Includes nebulizer kit, mouth- piece, air tube, AC adapter, 5 air filters and storage bag. NE-C801 59-8326 CompAir disposable nebulizer kit with tee adapter, 7 ft. corrugated oxygen tubing, mouthpiece, and reservoir tube. 9911 83-5678 Filters for CompAir NEC28. 5/pkg. C28FL 06-0855 Filters for Jet Air nebulizer. 5/pk. 9930 37-6269 Reusable Nebulizer Kit Reusable nebulizer kit with 7 ft. tub- ing and mouthpiece. For CompAir Elite Compact Compressor Nebulizer NE-C30, NE-C28-2 or NE-C25 C900 32-0069 MicroAir Vibrating Mesh Nebulizer Only 5" tall, lightweight, quiet and delivers therapeutic particle size efficiently. Includes cover, medication bottle, mesh cap, mask and mouth- piece adapter, mouthpiece, storage case, instructions. Uses two AA bat- teries, included. NEU22V 12-4032