Home Medical Equipment Catalog, Vol. VI

25 Wheelchairs Aluminum Swing-Away Footrests for Bariatric for Bariatric Sentra (STD20EC thru STD24EC) and (STD20 thru STD24). 1 pair. Footrest STDSF-TF 35-9463 Elevating Leg Rest STDELR-TF 32-9227 Anti-Tippers withWheels Chrome for Sentra Heavy Duty and Extra-Extra Wide (26", 28", 30"). 1 pair. STDS829 52-9685 Black for Viper, Viper Plus GT, Cruiser III and most other wheel- chairs. 1 pair. STDS807 40-7353 for Cruiser III STDS819 72-7743 Black for Silver Sport 1 and Silver Sport 2, Rebel and Chrome Sport. 1 pair. STDS833N 77-2327 Drive Medical Viper Wheelchair Deluxe high- strength, lightweight (32 lbs.) wheel- chair features frame style that elimi- nates seat guides and allows for custom backs and accessories, back height adjusts 18"-20", carbon steel black double-coated powder-coated frame, flame retardant nylon uphol- stery, composite mag-style wheels with aluminum hand rims, urethane rear tires and casters, 8" front casters with 3 height adjust- ments, padded armrests, flip-back arms, composite steel lined front receiver angled so arm locks every time, front mounted release lever, precision sealed wheel bearings in front and rear, dual axle for easy transition of seat height to hemi, flip-up anti-tippers, push-to-lock wheel locks, and composite foot plates. 300 lb. capacity. 18" seat with swing-away footrests L418DDA-SF 08-5662 20" seat with swing-away footrests L420DDA-SF 73-9839 20" seat with elevating legrests L420DDA-ELR 73-9821 Drive Cruiser III Lightweight Wheelchair weighs less than 36 lbs. and features removable flip-back desk armrests, carbon steel frame with silver vein finish, black nylon upholstery, customizable frame, composite mag wheels, precision sealed wheel bearings, dual axle for transition from adult to hemi, 8" front casters with 3-position adjustments, tool-free adjustable front riggings, and push-to- lock wheel locks. 300 lb. capacity. 16" seat with swing-away footrests K316DDA-SF 23-8139 18" seat with swing-away footrests K318DDA-SF 22-6670 18" seat with swing-away elevating legrests K318DDA-ELR 22-5953 Blue Streak Single Axle Wheelchair weighs only 41.25 lbs. and features blue powder coated frame, black cross brace, flip back padded desk arms, durable nylon upholstery, solid rubber tires mount- ed on composite wheel, and push to lock brakes. 250 lb. capacity. With swingaway footrests 16" BLS16FBD-SF 77-3143 18" BLS18FBD-SF 63-2851 20" BLS20FBD-SF 60-1799 With swingaway elevating legrests 16" BLS16FBD-ELR 77-3150 18" BLS18FBD-ELR 60-1773 20" BLS20FBD-ELR 60-1781 Silver Sport 2Wheelchair with Detachable Desk Arms features powder-coated silver vein steel frame, detachable padded desk arms, embossed vinyl upholstery, urethane tires mounted on compos- ite wheels, adjustable 8" front cast- ers, carry pocket on backrest, push- to-lock wheel locks, and plastic foot plates with heel loops. 300 lb. capacity, 20" has 350 lb. capacity. 16" seat with swing-away footrests SSP216DDA-SF 44-0842 18" seat with swing-away footrests SSP218DDA-SF 42-6924 18" seat with elevating legrests SSP218DDA-ELR 42-7955 20" seat with elevating legrests SSP220DDA-ELR 44-0321 Chrome Sport Full-Reclining Wheelchair features hydraulic reclining mechanism for infinite adjustments up to 180°, arms with support extension for reclining posi- tion, easy-to-clean vinyl upholstery, attractive chrome frame, dual axle positioning, composite mag-style wheels, 8" front casters, padded armrests, added rigidity bar, preci- sion sealed wheel bearing, rear anti-tippers, headrest extension with cushioned head immobilizer, push-to-lock wheel locks and metal foot plates. 300 lb. capacity. 18" seat with swing-away elevating leg rests. CS18RBDDA 55-5573 Bariatric Sentra Extra-Heavy-Duty Wheelchair Carbon steel frame with triple-coated chrome with detachable padded desk arms, rein- forced steel gussets, heavy-gauge naugahyde upholstery, carry pocket on backrest, reinforced side frame, caster journals and dual cross bars, dual-position front frame, composite wheels with chrome hand rims, precision- sealed wheel bearings, and push-to-lock wheel locks, 500 lb. capacity. 24" seat with swing-away footrests. STD24DDA-SF 35-3631