Home Medical Equipment Catalog, Vol. VI

28 Phoenix HD 3 Drive Medical Wheelchair/Scotter Ramp Durable, lightweight construc- tion with carry handle and per- forated slots for water drainage. Single fold 3 ft. x 26.5", 20 lbs. Comes with carry bag. 600 lb. capacity. STDS1094 84-0835 HealthSmart Heavy-Duty White Plastic Transfer Board Lightweight 8" x 27.5". 220 lb. capacity. 518-1761-0000 43-7301 HealthSmart Hardwood Transfer Board with polished urethane finish. 8" x 30". 440 lb. capacity. 518-1754-0400 13-4551 With two handle cut-outs 518-1756-0400 15-4716 Drive Medical Chair Belt Heavy-duty 2" wide polypropy- lene webbing with quick- release buckle attaches to with auto clasp type closure. Fits waist to 48". STDS850 84-0314 HealthSmart Hardwood Wheelchair Tray Smooth, flat surface with T-molding edges, semi-circle cut-out, and hook/loop straps to help hold tray securely in place. Fit most standard wheelchairs. 24" x 20" x 1/2". 505-4016-0400 44-4448 HealthSmart Wheelchair Back Pack Water-resistant black nylon pack attaches to wheelchair or transport chair with slip-on straps and has a large storage compartment with hook/loop closure. Machine washable. 14" x 19". 517-1072-0200 44-0495 Medline Wheelchair Cup/Cane Holder Durable plastic holder attaches to tubing of wheelchairs, walk- ers and rollators with a hand screw. MDSCUPCANHW 44-5866 Nova Deluxe Cup Holder attaches to front crossbar of walkers, wheelchairs, bed rails and transport chairs with adjustable hook/loop strap. Arms adjust horizontally to hold cup, folds up when not in use. CH-1000 51-3101 Wheelchair Accessories Drive Medical Phoenix HD 3 Heavy-Duty Travel Scooter Quick and easy disassembly, includes interchangeable color panels in red and blue. Features adjustable padded armrests, quick connect bat- teries, ergonomic throttle control, height-adjustable swivel seat 20"-22" with two-tone upholstery, 9" x 3" flat-free non-marking tires, plastic carry basket, easy-to-adjust tiller, anti-tip wheels, headlight, swivel seat with fold-down backrest and easy free wheel operation. 17.5" folding seat. 39"l x 22.5"w. 4 mph top speed. 15 mile maximum cruising range. 350 lb. capacity. PHOENIXHD3 69-7045 MK Battery Premium Power Wheelchair Gel Battery U1 MU1SLDG 26-4036 NF22 2NFSLDG 26-4150 Power Scooters Spitfire Scout 4Wheel Travel Power Scooter Quick and easy disassembly. Features color panels, adjustable padded armrests, quick connect batteries, ergonomic throttle control, height-adjustable swivel seat 17"-19" with fold-down backrest, 8" x 2" flat-free non- marking tires, plastic carry basket, anti-tip wheels, easy- to-adjust Delta tiller, easy free wheel operation, and 12AH battery. 16.5" folding seat. 4.25 mph top speed. 9 mile maximum cruising range. 300 lb. capacity. 4-wheel scooter 42.5"l x 21.5"w. SFSCOUT4 69-7029 3-wheel scooter 42.5"l x 20.5"w SFSCOUT3 69-7037 Spitfire Scout 4 Spitfire Scout 3