Home Medical Equipment Catalog, Vol. VI

44 Essential Medical Leg Lifter enables user to lift their leg on/off beds, wheelchairs, etc. Nylon wrap over bendable medical insert allows to bend to any angle. It features an adjustable reinforced loop to easily fit over the foot and reach is up to 35". Excellent for anyone in a wheelchair or transport chair. Total length is 41". L3007 53-9122 Aids to Daily Living Medication Reminders & Dispensers iChoice MedReminder +Plus Wrist Band with Smart Notifications vibrates, displays medication name and glows assigned color LED light to alert user to take medication. Features caregiver notification, one button operation, digital watch dis- play, adjustable strap, medication list check, and medical ID symbol on band. Provides Smart notifications. PR2-1 76-4308 Zewa Medwell Bluetooth Smart Pill Box connects to iOS and android mobile devices with audible reminder function and LED compartment indi- cator, and review compliance reports online. Four compartments. 9” w x 2” d x 1.5” h. 21400 81-5597 Owen Mumford Auto Squeeze Eye Drop Bottle Aid fits on most eye drop bottles. Unique anti-blinking design draws the users gaze away from the dropper while holding the lower lid gently in place. Nozzle is positioned perfectly over eye ensuring that drops are successfully delivered. (Bottle not included.) OP 6100 08-3956 Paper Souffle Cups Apothecary disposable cups. 250/pkg. 3/4 oz. 90202 59-3236 Dynarex disposable cups. 250/pkg. 1/2 oz. 4244 79-0154 1 oz. 4243 80-6539 Medline disposable cups. 250/pkg. .5 oz. N0N024214 12-4776 Medicine Cups Dynarex medicine cups with ozs., drams, tsp., tbsp., cc and ml. 1 oz. Non-sterile. 100/pkg. 4252 70-3744 Medline medicine cups with ml and cc graduations. 1 oz. Non-sterile. 100/pkg. DYND90000 70-7448 Pill Crusher Pouches Medline Silent Knight clear plastic pouch 2" x 4-1/2", 7 ml. thick for holding pills when crushing. 1000/pkg. NONPC1000 76-0306 Drinking Cups High impact polypropylene cups, shatterproof with ribbed center for gripping. 5 oz. 2500 pkg. 4255 53-8041 Oral Syringes Apothecary oral syringe. 50/pkg. 5 ml/.1 tsp. 77502 59-3210 10 ml./2 tsp. 77503 59-3228 Monoject oral syringe with luer tip. 100/pkg. 1mL 8881901014 64-1407 3mL Amber 8881903010 28-9892 Becton Dickinson oral syringe 3 ml. with tip cap. 100/pkg. 305220 71-4386 GoodSense True Easy Syringe with extra-large plunger and easy view cali- brations for accurate dosing. 2 tsp./10 ml. HE00700 75-4432 Nova Medical Products Leg Lifter for getting out of chairs, cars, and beds. Features a rigid foot loop that can be shaped to foot or shoe size. Hand hold is flexible and easy to grasp. 37" long. PA-1009 83-9258 Teleflex LMA MAD Nasal Intranasal Atomizer With 3 ml syringe delivers a mist of atomized medication for rapid absorption across mucosal membranes. MAD100 68-2559 LMA MAD Nasal Atomizer without syringe. 25/pkg. MAD300 74-5182