Home Medical Equipment Catalog, Vol. VI

6 Nova Medical Products Tub Grab Bar Great for travel or temporary use, 1" powder coated steel bar has hand adjustable clamp that adjusts 3"- 7" with rubber contact points. 12"h x 6"w. 275 lb. capacity. Not for use with fiberglass tubs. 8220 79-4669 Bathtub Rails & Wall Grab Bars Drive Medical Clamp-On Tub Rail Durable, white powder-coated steel rail with stain- less steel locking mechanism and non-wearing rubber pads provide scratch-proof security. Fits most tubs (not for use with fiberglass tubs). Tool-free installation. Height adjusts 14 5"-17". Width adjusts 3"-7". 300 lb. capacity. RTL12036-ADJ 79-2689 Suction Cup Grab Bar with large suction cups provide a strong hold. Color indicator shows "safe secure" or "re-affix". Easy release lever. 12" long RTL13082 61-2614 19.25" long with middle hinge RTL13084 61-2606 White Powder-Coated Grab Bar of heavy-duty steel with large 3-hole welded flanges mounts vertically or horizontally. 1.5" from wall. 12" length 12012-3 40-9656 16" length 12016-3 41-0894 24" length 12024-3 13-3405 Stander Security Pole with Curve Grab Bar Zinc-plated steel pole and bar with white powder coat finish had pivoting curve grab bar that locks in place every 45°, provides 4 hand grips. Floor-to-ceiling (7-10 ft.) security pole is tension mounted (wrench included), or can be permanently installed with wood screws (included). 300 lbs. capacity. 1100-W 51-0271 RoseMedical Sure Suction Tub Bar 2.25" dual- suction cups with easy-release flip-up tabs. Use only as balancing assist, not for full weight leverage. 12" long 1067 20-6219 16" long 1167 32-1000 24" long 1124 43-4969 Carex Bathroom Safety Rail stands on its own without installation, use at the toilet or sink. Aluminum frame with non-slip handgrips. 27"-33"h x 23.25"d x 20"w. 300 lb. capacity. B369-00 83-8680 Ultra Grip Extra Grab Bar Powerful dual-locking suction cups features a visual fastening indicator. For extra stability and balance, not weight bearing. White and blue plastic. 12"h x 4.5"w x 3.5"d. B20000 56-0979 16"h x 4.5"w x 3.5"d. B19600 58-2338 Unique pivoting design provides multiple positions. 19"h x 4.5"w x 3.5"d. B19700 58-2320 Plastic wth chrome finish. 16"h x 4.5"w x 3.13"d. B18600 67-0935 White Bathtub Rail with wide contact area. Ideal for fiberglass tubs, attaches easily with a hand-clamp. 200 lb. capacity. 13.5"h x 7"w x 1"d. B204-00 41-6461 Steel Bathtub Rail Chrome-plated 3/4" steel with smooth finish and rubber-lined clamps that adjust 4.5"-6".Wrench provided. 200 lb. capacity. 7"h x 11"w x .75"d. B201-00 41-6925 Steel Bathtub Rail - Tri-Grip Chrome-plated 1" steel with textured grip and rubber-lined clamps that adjust 4.5"-6".Wrench provided. 200 lb. capacity. 16"h x 18"w x 7.5"d. B202-00 18-2584 Wall Grab Bars Chrome-plated 1.25" steel with textured grip. 250 lb. capacity. 12"w x 1.25"d x 1.5"h B209 18-3301 18"w x 1.25"d x 1.5"h B211 18-3509 24"w x 1.25"d x 1.5"h B212 19-3854 Smooth white powder-coated 1.25" steel. 250 lb. capacity. 16"w x 1.25"d x 1.5"h B206-00 41-7246 For extra stability & balance assistance