Home Medical Equipment Catalog, Vol. VI

60 Simply Thick Gel Food and beverage thickening gel is ready to drink within seconds, does not thicken over time, does not form powder lumps, always the same consistency, hygienic. Nectar consistency. 4 oz. packs. 200/pkg. STIND200L2 83-9712 Nectar consistency. Bulk 32 oz. STBULK50L2 25-3765 Honey consistency. 4 oz. packs. 100/pkg. STIND100L3 83-9720 Gel consistency. 64 oz. bottle and one pump. ST2Lbottle 83-9746 Thick-it Thick-It Corn-starch-based thickener for foods and beverages – hot or cold. Dissolves instantly, does not change appearance or taste, kosher parve and gluten free. Unflavored. 6 gram packets 200/pkg. 61153 71-9682 10 oz. J584-H5800 60-5485 36 oz. J585-C6800 60-5493 THICK-IT 2 Concentrated formula allows you to use less for fewer calories and carbohydrates. 10 oz. J586-H5800 61-0311 36 oz. J587-C6800 61-0329 THICK-IT Portion Control Honey Consistency Unflavored 6.4 gram packets. 200/pkg. J593-LE800 62-5558 LLorens Pharmaceutical Proteinex Liquid Protein Pre-digested liquid protein with no fat, no sugar, no carbohydrates, no phos- phorous and only 60 calories per 1 oz. serving. P15 provides 16 grams protetin, only 60 calories per 1 oz. serving. 16 oz. bottle 515-16 14-5235 P-18 provides 18 grams protetin, only 72 calories per 1 oz. serving. 30 oz. Grape 0530-30 50-8093 Hormell Healthy Shot Protein Beverage Fruit flavored, clear, clean and refreshing. High quality protein and fortified with vitamins A, C, D, E and folic acid. Lactose free and gluten free. 2.5 oz. 24/cs. 66024 54-2274 Med Pass Supplement - No Sugar Balanced, fortified nutrition, no sugar added. Lactose-free, gluten-free Vanilla. 32 oz. 27016 15-7057 Propass Protein Supplement High quality whey protein mixes easi- ly into food or beverage. Flavorless. 7.5 oz. 4/cs. 13126 19-5008 Thick & Easy Food Thickener Instant Food Thickener Thicken up hot and cold foods and liquids without affecting the taste. Blends smoothly. Nectar consistency. 4.5 gram pack- ets. 100/pkg. 21929 51-1667 8 oz. 12/cs. 17938 41-2817 Thick & Easy Hydrolyte Drink Nectar consistency. 48 oz. 6/cs. 12863 11-6186 Cranberry Juice Cocktail Honey consistency. 4 oz. 24/cs. 20160 37-0007 Nectar consistency. 4 oz. 24/cs. 39705 69-3291 IcedTea Drink Honey consistency. 4 oz. 24/cs. 32870 28-8266 Nectar consistency. 4 oz. 24/cs. 28259 11-3126 Apple Juice Nectar consistency. 4 oz. 24/cs. 41530 69-3283 Orange Juice Nectar consistency. 4 oz. 24/cs. 49144 18-8847 Clear Water Drink Honey consistency. 4 oz. 24/cs. 66139 69-3309 Nutritional Supplements Global Health ProCel Whey Protein Powder Adds 5 grams of protein, instantly dissolves, and does not alter taste. Unflavored 10 oz. CPT80 28-8886 LiquaCel Protein Superb tasting liquid protein that con- tains 16 grams protein and 2.5 grams of added arginine per ounce. Peach 32 oz. bottle GH-87 73-7791 GoodSense NutriSure Shake Original compares to Ensure. Chocolate. 6/pkg. LP96300 80-5259 Plus shake compares to Ensure Plus. Chocolate 6/pkg. LP96292 80-5242