Home Medical Equipment Catalog, Vol. VI

63 26-0547 B Braun IV Adminstration Sets Multi-Ad Fluid Dispensing System 10 cc luer lock syringe, adjustable automatic spring return, dual check valve, and universal spike on 41" transfer set. MAC1001. 513506 50-6428 IV Set with Rate Flow Regulator. (20 drops/mL) Universal spike with 15 micron filter, on/off clamp, rate flow regulator, injection site 6" above distal end, Spin-Lock connector. 83.27". V5922 264945350 26-7385 Secondary Administration Set for ADDitIV primary administration sets. (15 drops/ml) universal spike, roller clamp, Spin-Lock connector, with 10.5" bag hanger. 40". V1921 28-3085 Outlook Safety Infusion Pump Set. Y-set, non-vented spikes, two roller clamps, drip chamber, 170 micron blood filter, free-flow protector clip, SafSite injection site 6" above distal end, Spin-Lock connector, 132", 10 drops/ml. SS3120 43-7822 Intermittent Injection Cap - proximal injection port, distal male luer lock connector. DEHP-free. Latex-free. .75". 418030 36-1220 addEASE Binary Connector For 250ml. Excel IV container. 20 mm. N7995 71-1457 For use with PAB partial additive bag. 20 mm. BC2000 58-9309 Red Cap luer replacement cap - Dual function red cap with male and female end. R2000B 43-5354 White replacement cap – female luer lock. 474900 73-8609 IV Start Kit Kit with alcohol prep pad, povidone-iodine pad, tourni- quet 1" × 18", two 2" × 2" non-woven gauze 4-ply, Opsite IV 3000 2-3/8" x 2- 3/4", Transpore tape roll 1" × 18", two powder-free cuffed gloves (no latex), and IV label. 375189 54-0757 B Braun Ultrasite Valve Needleless Anesthesia System Gravity IV Administration Set. Universal spike, slide clamp, roller clamp, Ultrasite injection site 6" above distal end, SPIN-LOCK connector. 111" l. 352337 53-9965 Extension Set with bonded Ultrasite valve, kink-resistant tubing, non-removable slide clamp, Spin- Lock connector. Components are not made with natural rubber latex. 7 in. US1320 23-1753 Small Bore IV Extension Set with Ultrasite valve, removable slide clamp, male luer lock connector. Priming volume: 0.6 mL, 8". 473438 26-0547 Fluid Dispensing Connector - proxi- mal and distal female luer lock con- nector. 415080 73-7916 Hyperlyte CR Multi-Electrolyte Concentrate in pharmacy blue pack- age, 20 ml./dose S9432 50-4340 Evacuated IV Container glass, empty. 1000 ml. 6/pkg. S9900-10 68-4407 250 ml. 12/pkg S9902-10 68-4415 IV Administration 26-7385 43-7822 58-9309 Hospira Primary IV Set Macrobore with convertible piercing pin and sight chamber, upper backcheck valve, 2 prepierced Y-sites, 2 slide clamps, CAIR clamp, and secure lock male. 80". 12665-28 59-1321 Primary IV Set Macrobore with convertible piercing pin, drip cham- ber, prepierced Y-site with backcheck valve, 2 slide clamps, CAIR clamp, 0.2 micron filter, prepierced Y-site and secure lock male adapter. 80". 14235-28 57-8666 Lifeshield Secondary IV Set 32 15 drops/ml. 9534-80 15-6000 MicroClave Clear Neutral Displacement Connector Effectively clears blood and blood residual with low flush volumes. 100/pk. 12512-01 61-1905 Flexible Empty Container 500 ml. 7951-13 41-4102 100 ml. 7951-23 56-7966 59-1321 Plug and Adapter Covidien Infusion Plug, standard length, 50/box 61115006 61-1368 BD Intravenous Adapter, J loop. Connector loop with flexible extension tubing/ 385121 50-3300