Home Medical Equipment Catalog, Vol. VI

68 3M Bell-Horn Carex Cervical Collars 3M Futuro Breathable Foam Collar covered with soft knit material. Adjustable straps for height and width 11"-20". 120136 55-4857 Bell-Horn Universal Foam Collar is washable and comes with a natural cotton stockinette. Universal 13"-19". 2" wide 199-2 45-9875 2.5" wide 199-2.5 45-9990 3" wide 199-3 45-7739 3.5" wide 199-3.5 45-9164 4" wide 199-4 45-9255 Carex Polyester Foam Collar provides firm support and has adjust- able hook/loop closure and cotton cover. 3" x 24.88". P730-00 39-5194 Drive Polyfoam Collar provides firm support. Features hook/loop closure and cotton cover. RTLPC23289 80-1498 Mueller Cervical Collar Breathable foam covered with soft knit fabric Latex free. 11"-20". 6187 81-9888 Contour Cervical Pillows Contour Cloud Pillow Anatomic shaped pillow has memory foam sur- face with ridges for circulation, extra middlle support, and firm blue base. Washable terry cover included. 20" x 4.5" x 14.5" 13-100R 08-2503 Flip Pillow offers the comfort of a pillow with the support of a wedge. 19"w x 9"d x 25"h. 30-601R 77-1592 Flip Pillow Pillow cases. Washable. White 1-800-101R 77-1618 Beige 1-800BG-101R 77-1634 Navy 1-800NV-101R 77-1626 Overdoor Cervical Traction Sets Carex Head Halter Set includes water weight bag (2-20 lbs.), cervical spreader bar, nylon braided rope, an over-door traction clamp and an adjustable hook/loop halter. P551-CO 44-1261 Alex Orthopedic Overdoor Cervical Traction Unit With overdoor bracket and pulley assembly, 20 lb. vinyl water weight bag, 12" spreader bar with S hook, traction cord, and universal head halter. 9630 79-4313 Orthopedic Cervical Supports Cervical Pillows Carex Inflatable Neck Rest Pillow Comfortable design cradles the neck and supports the head. Includes travel pouch. Navy. 4"h x 14"w x 9.5"d. P712-00 39-1490 Essential Medical Memory P.F. Cervical Bed Pillow Heavyweight 6 lb. density memory foam cushion with luxurious, remov- able “Velveteen” cover. Latex-free. Contoured to support neck and shoulders. Cream cover. 20"l x 12"w. N3003 28-1212 Memory P.F. Crescent-Shaped Cervical Travel Pillow Heavyweight 6 lb. density memory foam cushion with luxurious, removable “Velveteen” cover. Latex-free. Wraps around neck for support. Blue cover. 10" x 8". N3002 27-6519 The Eclipse Cervical Pillow Fiber-filled contour pillow with center design offers comfortable cervical and all-position support. Versatile pillow provides pain relief from stress and muscle aches. 17" x 20". N7104 22-3198 Round Pillow (Jackson style) Round poly-filled pillow recommended for back sleeping, promotes proper cervical alignment. 6" x 18". White cotton cover N5003 22-2406 Blue satin cover N5005 41-4581 Crescent Pillow Fiber-filled pillow with hook/loop closure is perfect travel size for cars, trains, or air. Supports neck and head while napping or reading. Removable, washable light blue cotton cover included. N5002 22-2331 NeckYoke Square foam block-style pillow has a neck cutout to provide extra-firm support and excellent com- fort while sleeping. Light blue cotton cover included. 5.5" x 14" x 16" N5001 22-2182 Butterfly Pillow Unique butterfly design prevents neck strain, recom- mended for either back or side sleep- ing. Fiber-filled pillow has zippered blue satin cover. 17" x 22". N7103 22-2554 Mueller Drive