Home Medical Equipment Catalog, Vol. VI

70 Mueller Sports Medicine Carpal Tunnel Wrist Stabilizer for maximum support. Features adjustable straps, extra-long 6.5" spoon and two side splints. Fits left or right. Measures around wrist. S/M 5"-7.5". 62011 83-2741 L/XL 7.5"-10" 62021 83-2758 ReversibleWrist Brace for maximum support. Contoured ergonomic shape with removable splint. Adjustable, fits right or left. 6723 83-2782 Wrist Brace with Splint features removable splint, padding around splint, adjustable wrist tabs, wraparound strap, and ventilated elastic fabric. One size fits most. 300 69-0735 Wrist Stabilizer features two adjustable straps, breathable fabric, extra long 6.5" spoon, two side splints, and padding around spoon. SM/MD 5"-8" 307 69-0719 LG/XL 8"-10" 308 69-0727 ElasticWrist Support with Loop Neoprene blend support features easy-to-put-on loop and adjustable wraparound support with Velcro strap. One size fits most. 961 69-0743 WraparoundWrist Support Neoprene blend support with unique thumb loop and breathable perforated fabric. One size. Blister pack 4505 69-0776 Box 6290 83-2766 “Green” FittedWrist Brace features soft, lightweight fabric, two adjustable straps, and two support stays with padding around spoon. Latex free, antimicrobial. Measure around wrist. Right SM/MD 5"-8" 86271 70-5764 Right LG/XL 8"-10" 86273 70-5780 Left SM/MD 5"-8" 86272 70-5772 Left LG/XL 8"-10" 86274 70-5798 Elastic Wrist Support Contoured knit support with reinforced edges. LG 8"-10" 405LG 73-6520 NIght Support Wrist Brace features two metal stays, 360 degree support, and beaded palm cushion. Antimicrobial. Adjustable, left or right. 6772 81-9870 Orthopedic Wrist Supports Brownmed Imak RSI Smart Glove ErgoBeadsWrist Support Breathable cotton Lycra glove features removable splint and beaded wrist pad.Washable. Fits either hand, measure palm width. SM to 3-1/4" A20125T 06-3750 MD to 3-3/4" A20126T 06-6126 LG to 4-1/4" A20127T 06-4840 Smart Glove PMWrist Support for nighttime relief. Features cotton lining and cushioning foam, adjustable hook/loop strap. Washable. Latex free. Fits either hand, universal size. A10111T 06-1861 3M Futuro Futuro Sport Adjustable Wrist Support Durable neoprene-blend adjustable compression strap with thumb loop. One size fits most. 09033EN 55-5458 Futuro Sport WraparoundWrist Support features dual adjustable straps and foam pad for additional stabilization. Use for right or left wrist 5.5"- 9.5". 46378EN 56-2207 Futuro Deluxe Wrist Stabilizer Features adjustable palmar splint and dorsal stabilizers, slide-guard fasteners, palm padding of conforming memory foam, comfort pad strap around thumb, and breathable fabric. RT S/M 5.5"-7.5" 09090ENT 56-2041 RT L/XL 7.5"-9" 09137ENT 56-2058 LF S/M 5.5"-7.5" 09144ENT 56-1688 LF L/XL 7.5"-9" 45538ENT 56-2124 Futuro Night Wrist Sleep Support Features cushioning therapeutic beads, removable palmar adjustable stabilizer, adjustable straps, and breathable, moisture-wicking material. Use on right or left wrist 5.25"-9". 20160 56-1381 3M Ace Ace Neoprene Wrist Brace features neoprene blend material that retains body heat and hook/loop fastener. One size fits all. 207220 54-8438 Ace TekZone Wrist Wrap features gel palm pack for added cushion, breathable material, antimicrobial- treated lined interior, and contoured removable splints. Measure wrist circumference. RT SM/MD 5.5"-7" 207740 54-8461 RT LG/XL 7.25"-9" 207741 54-8479 LF SM/MD 5.5"-7" 207738 54-8446 LF LG/XL 7.25"-9" 207739 54-8453 ACE Universal Splint Wrist Brace for moderate support. Features metal stay, three adjustable hook/loop straps, low cut ergonomic shape and breath- able materials. Fits right or left. One size fits all. 209623 57-6652