Home Medical Equipment Catalog, Vol. VI

78 Orthopedic Knee, Calf & Thigh Supports Bell-Horn Calf & Thigh Supports ProStyle ThighWrap Elastic pull-on contoured support with four-way stretch. Uniform compression contours to the shape of the thigh. Universal size fits 17"-28". 232 25-0886 ProStyle Calf Sleeve provides constant compression to both calf and shin areas. ProStyle material adds the soothing warmth of neo- prene with a soft terry-cloth lining. Measure calf circumference. SM 13"-14" 233S 25-5802 MD 14"-15" 233M 25-8343 LG 15"-17" 233L 25-9028 XL 17"-19" 233XL 26-0786 3M Futuro Futuro Sport Adjustable Knee Support Durable neoprene-blend support with 3 adjustable hook/loop straps, open patella, and side venti- lation for breathability and to reduce bunching. Adjustable 13"-17.5". 09039ENT 56-1670 Futuro Sport Moisture Control Knee Support Durable neoprene- blend support with antimicrobial treatment, breathable, moisture- wicking Polartec Power Stretch-RX in back panel, open knee cap, dual-precision hook/loop straps. Measure around knee cap. SM 13"-15" 45694EN 56-1696 MD 15"-17" 45696EN 56-2132 LG 17"-19" 45697EN 56-1704 Futuro Stabilizing Knee Support Helps provide lateral stabilization. Sleeve features dual-stretch breath- able material, dual side stabilizers, and comfort panel that reduces bunching. Use on right or left knee. Measure around knee over kneecap. SM 13"-14.5" 46163EN 56-1712 MD 14.5"-17" 46164EN 55-5466 LG 17"-19" 46165EN 56-1720 Futuro Sport Adjustable Knee Stabilizer features open patella, neoprene material, two adjustable straps and reflective tabs. Universal size. 47550EN 56-2462 Futuro Comfort Lift Knee Support Pull-on style features breathable dual-stretch power knit material for all-day mild support. Comfort panel reduces bunching behind knee. SM 12"-14.5" 76586EN 56-2025 MD 14.5"-17" 76587EN 55-5557 LG 17"-19.5" 76588EN 56-2033 3M Ace Ace TekZone Knee Brace with open patella for moderate support features antimicrobial treatment, gel cushion positioned around knee, neoprene blend material that retains body heat, breathable mesh panels. Measure around knee over kneecap. SM/MD 12.5"-16" 207732 54-8354 LG/XL 16.26"-19" 207733 54-8362 Ace Adjustable Knee Support with open patella for moderate support features lightweight neo- prene blend material, antimicrobial treatment, and adjustable Comfort Fit sleeve. Universal. 207247 57-2958 Ace Knee Brace with Side Stabilizers for moderate support features flexible metal side stabiliz- ers, lightweight material is ideal for extended wear, contoured fit, and uniform compression. SM 12"-15" 207353 54-8305 MD 15.25"-18" 207354 54-8313 LG 18.25"-21" 207355 54-8321 Ace Knee Brace with Dual Side Stabilizers features comfort fit sleeve, breathable material, dual side stabilizers, three strap system for adjustable fit. Universal size. 200290 57-6629 Ace Knee Brace for mild support features woven material with rein- forced edges and contoured, seam- less design. Fits right or left knee. SM 12"-15" 207303 54-8289 MD 15.25"-18" 207304 54-8297 LG 18.25"-21" 207305 56-6430 Ace Dual Knee Strap Strap-within- a-strap design provides targeted upper and lower knee compression. Breathable and lightweight. 209310 72-6224 Ace Moisture Control Knee Support Unique combination of stretch materials keeps the knee warm and limber while releasing excess heat and moisture. Open patella with dual precision straps. Odor resistant. LG 17"-19" 209603 57-6637 Ace Elasto-Preene Knee Support Features neoprene-blend panel stitched around the knee joint, finished reinforced edges and breathable elastic material. SM/MD 11"-15" 207527 54-8339 LG/XL 16"-20" 207528 54-8347