Home Medical Equipment Catalog, Vol. VI

86 Pedifix Toe Trainers Cotton-covered splints have Velcro fasteners, can be worn inside shoes. Fits left or right foot. Hand-washable, trimmable. One size fits all. 2/pkg. P51 11-7341 Visco-Gel Little Toe Sleeve fits the pinky toe and surrounds toe with soothing gel. Washable, reusable. 2/pkg. P32 31-4047 3-Layer Toe Separators Washable, durable multi-layer foam gently sepa- rates and aligns toes. Stays in place without adhesives. 6/pkg. mixed sizes. P280-MIX 13-7778 Visco-Gel Stay-Put Toe Spacers Soft gel loop keeps spacer in position while releasing soothing mineral oil. For left or right foot. Washable. Reusable. 2/pkg. MD P27-MD 66-3815 LG P27-LG 66-3807 Visco-Gel Toe Spacers gently separates and aligns toes. Gel releases mineral oil and Vitamin E. 2/pkg. P28-M 22-4394 Visco-Gel Toe Separators Gel cushions absorb pressure and friction between toes. Gel releases mineral oil and Vitamin E. 2/pkg. MD P31-S 31-4773 LG P31-L 60-3084 XL P31-XL 60-3092 Visco-Gel Fabric-Covered Toe Protector Soft fabric cap with vitamini-enriched gel. Small 1/pkg. P82-S 31-4369 Large 1/pkg. P82-L 60-3076 Podiatrists’ Choice Nylon-Covered Toe Cap Foam cap with a nylon cover and toe-tip padding. 1/pkg. SM P34-S 33-9663 MD P34-M 34-6114 LG P34-L 34-9217 Visco-Gel Hammer Toe Cushion Gel cushion with gel ring holds cush- ion in place without adhesives. Each. SM Left P53-SL 66-3781 SM Right P53-SR 66-3799 MD Left P53-ML 66-3864 MD Right P53-MR 74-8657 LG Left P53-LL 66-3773 LG Right P53-LR 55-5763 Hammer Toe Cushion Soft felt pad with felt top cover and adjustable toe loop. 1/pkg. Size by shoe size: SM Women 4-7. MD Women 8-10, Men 6-8. LG Women 11+, Men 9+. SM Left P54-SL 12-3190 SM Right P54-SR 12-2853 MD Left P54-ML 12-3810 MD Right P54-MR 24-9839 LG Left P54-LL 24-8476 LG Right P54-LR 24-0879 Triple Toe Straightener Comfortable slip-on pad with adjustable loop and soft, dual-layer cushion in ball-of-foot area. Each. Left P58L 65-5746 Right P58R 65-5753 Toe Straightener Slip-on pad with adjustable loop and double cushion for ball-of-foot. Left or right foot. 1/pkg. Single toe P55 12-4917 Double toe P57 37-2029 Visco-Gel Heel-So-Smooth Heel Sleeves Unique gel soothes with mineral oil. Can be used with heel creams. Washable and reusable Heel Cream sample included. 1 pair. P800 31-3767 Pedi-Gel Ball-of-Foot Pads Thin pads with gel cushion and protect metatarsal area. Self-sticking, washable and reusable. 2/pkg. P8201 65-1125 Metatarsal Shoe Cushions Durable foam cushion with self-adhe- sive backings. Great in high-heels. 1 pair. P90 13-2449 Peel-Away Adjustable Heel Lift Durable cushion provides 3/8" eleva- tion or peel off 1/8" layers for desired thickness. Fits left or right foot. Size by shoe size. 1/pkg. SMW 4-7 P6582-S 57-6264 MD W 8-10, M 6-8 P6582-M 57-6272 LG W 11+, M9+ P6582-L 57-6280 Bunion SoftSplint Fabric splint with adjustable Velcro fasteners for use while resting or sleeping. Each. MD Left P6026-ML 66-3823 Foot Care