Home Medical Equipment Catalog, Vol. VI

90 Futuro Support Stockings Cougar Denim Heaven Lexi Black Paisley Raspberry Hill Madison Tan/Brown Plaid Austin Powers Hairy Leopard Black Versache Midnight Lace Katie’s Lace Flow Zebra Pink Diva Denim Dotty Celeste Stein Support Stockings Celeste Stein Compression Socks Knee high socks help improve circulation and prevent swelling. Nylon/Spandex. Women 125-175 lbs. 8-15 mmHg 1 pair Austin Powers CMPS-341 64-8725 Black Paisley CMPS-1785 64-3411 Black Versache CMPS-1609 64-3437 Cougar Denim CMPS-1722 64-3387 Denim Dotty CMPS-1576 64-3486 Heaven CMPS-218 64-3429 Katie Lace CMPS-1415 64-8667 Lexi CMPS-1780 64-8675 Madison CMPS-1669 64-8683 Midnight Lace CMPS-1054 64-3395 Pink Diva CMPS-1867 64-3403 Raspberry Hill CMPS-1721 64-8733 Tan/Brown Plaid CMPS-1345 64-8691 White CMPS-WHT 64-8717 Zebra CMPS-809 64-8709 20-30 mmHg 1 pair Austin Powers CMPS2-341 64-8741 Beige CMPS-BGE 68-8218 Black CMPS-BLK 68-8200 Black Paisley CMPS2-1785 64-8774 Black Versache CMPS2-1609 64-8790 Cougar Denim CMPS2-1722 64-8832 Denim Dotty CMPS2-1576 64-8816 Flow Zebra CMPS2-809 64-3551 Hairy Leopard CMPS-593 64-3478 Heaven CMPS2-218 64-8782 Hairy Leopard CMPS2-593 64-8808 Katie’s Lace CMPS2-1415 64-3502 Lexi CMPS2-1780 64-3528 Madison CMPS2-1669 64-3536 Midnight Lace CMPS2-1054 64-8766 Pink Diva CMPS2-1867 64-3510 Raspberry Hil CMPS2-1721 64-8758 Tan/Brown Plaid CMPS2-1345 64-3544 White CMPS2-WHT 64-3569 Queen size 8-15 mmHg Women 175-225 lbs. Calf circumference up to 24". 1 pair. Austin Powers CMPSQ-341 68-8150 Black CMPSQ-BLK 68-8176 Black Versache CMPSQ-1609 68-8119 Denim Dotty CMPSQ-1576 68-8135 Hairy Leopard CMPSQ-593 68-8127 Lexi CMPSQ-1780 68-8143 Midnight Lace CMPSQ-1054 68-8101 Nude CMPSQ-NDE 68-8184 Raspberry Hill CMPSQ-1721 68-8168 White CMPSQ-WHT 68-8192 3M Futuro Energizing Ultra Sheer Stockings 8-15 mmHg Silky-soft material has graduated com- pression and reinforced toe enhanced with durable run guard. 1 pair. Knee High Closed Toe. SM Nude 71013NEN 56-2256 Medium Nude 71014NEN 56-1829 LG Nude 71015NEN 56-1837 LG Black 71015BEN 55-5417 Pantyhose Brief Cut Lace Panty LG Beige 71018BCEN 56-2314 Plus Beige 71019BCEN 56-2330 Restoring Men’s Dress Socks 20-30 mmHg Fashionable ribbed dress socks with graduated compression, and reinforced toe and heel. Shoe size: M 7.5-10, LG 10.5-12, XL 12+. 1 pair. Medium Black 71035BLEN 56-1910 LG Black 71036BLEN 56-1936 XL Black 71037EN 56-2371 Med. Brown 71035BREN 56-1928 LG Brown 71036BREN 55-5532 Restoring Stockings 20-30 mmHg Pantyhose Closed Toe Nude 1 pair MD Beige 71029EN 56-2355 LG Beige 71030EN 55-5524 Therapeutic Stockings 20-30 mmHg Knee High Open Toe Beige. 1 pair SM Beige 71032EN 56-1886 MD Beige 71033EN 56-1894 LG Beige 71050EN 56-1944 XL Beige 71051EN 56-2389 Knee High Open Toe Open Heel 1 pair MD Beige 710330THEN 56-1902 LG Beige 710500THEN 55-5540 XL Beige 710510THEN 56-1951 Futuro Ultra Sheer Knee High Futuro Ultra Sheer Pantyhose Futuro Restoring &Therapeutic Jobst Stocking Donner Stocking is slipped onto lightweight epoxy-coated no-snag frame, foot is inserted inside frame, and stocking is slipped off frame onto leg. Handles have comfortable foam grip. 110913 31-4054