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Smith Drug Company Highlighted in “Retail Merchandiser” Spotlight Article

Aug 5, 2016 Tags: Business, Smith Drug Company

At prescription and over-the-counter drug wholesaler Smith Drug Co. the focus is on not only supplying its customers, but truly understanding how it can improve the pharmacy business. The company values people who have seen the industry from its buyers' perspectives. Many on the leadership team, including President Jeff Foreman RPh, previously worked as pharmacists and former apothecaries lead many of the company's initiatives. "I think it provides a unique advantage because we all have been where our customers are," Foreman explains.

Smith Drug Co. wants to wield its leaders’ pharmacy backgrounds to provide consulting on the back end and help its customers move their businesses forward. “It’s not just about providing drugs at a good price but helping them create success in this new world we’re in now,” Foreman says. “If done right, independent [pharmacists] can absolutely win in the marketplace. Our goal is to give them the tools and guidance to make that happen.”

For more than 70 years Smith Drug Co. has operated as a traditional pharmaceutical wholesaler. The company’s three distribution centers in Paragould, Ark., Valdosta, Ga., and Spartanburg, S.C., stock and ship drugs, general merchandise and sundries to independent pharmacists throughout the South and Midwest. “We’ve always been known for customer service that is unsurpassed in the industry,” Foreman says.

The passing of the Affordable Care Act in 2010 signaled the beginning of a transition for the entire healthcare industry including the pharmacists on the front line of providing health care to patients. “Pharmacy right now is moving from ‘prescription drug is the product’ to ‘patient outcomes is the product,’” Senior Vice President of Pharmacy Solutions Brian Purscell, RPh says. “What we’re doing at Smith Drug is providing solutions to let independent pharmacists be part of that movement.

‘We’re focusing on making independent pharmacies better and making the independent a healthcare destination,” Purscell adds. Smith Drug Co. recently expanded its human resources and solutions programs to position itself to improve on the practice and business of pharmacy. The company’s goals are to support its pharmacists so they can practice at the top of their medical license, become the pharmacy of choice for customers and drive better patient outcomes.

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