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Georgia Emergency Policy from State Board of Pharmacy

Oct 7, 2016 Tags: Business, Pharmaceuticals, Smith Drug Company

October 7, 2016 - The Georgia Board of Pharmacy has just released a policy statement for dispensing of drugs under Governor Deal's emergency order. The code section allowing the order is narrow in scope, and the policy reflects that. As in the past (Katrina, Albany floods) the Governor may at a later time expand the scope of the emergency. If so, the board may expand the authority. Currently, a pharmacist may dispense 3 day supplies of needed meds repeatedly,  up to a total of a 30 day supply. NO CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES may be dispensed under the current policy. Please see our attached document for more information.

Our thoughts remain with those in the areas affected by Hurricane Matthew and we will continue to provide superior service to ensure you have the support you require to fulfill the needs of your patients.

Georgia Pharmacy Policy for State of Emergency