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Security Alert

Mar 8, 2019 Tags:

Your security and the security of our supply chain is of paramount importance to us. We have been made aware of a scam targeting pharmacies. A typical scenario involves diabetes test strips, but fraud is not limited to that product.

Scammers have been using technology to “spoof” phone numbers, giving the impression that you are receiving a call from the Board of Pharmacy, your wholesaler or other official entity. They may ask you for your wholesaler customer number, or other information about your ordering process. They use this information to attempt to place a fraudulent order with us, impersonating a customer. Their plan is to intercept the delivery and profit from the theft.

Never give your customer information out to anyone who contacts you. Smith Drug Company will never call you and ask you for this number.

When you call us, we may ask to call you back or authenticate the call and your identity, especially if the call is regarding an order or other sensitive information.

If you receive product you did not order, or receive a call from an individual claiming you are receiving an incorrect order that they wish to arrange to pick up, contact Smith Drug Customer Service immediately. The Smith Drug team can confirm your order and provide you with verification information on the order. We may ask you to contact local law enforcement.

If someone arrives at your location claiming to be a Smith Drug Employee, ask for identification, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions or need to verify information. We will always follow return policies and provide you with the appropriate paperwork.

If you have any questions, or feel that something is suspicious, please contact us, or your local law enforcement, immediately. We are monitoring this situation closely and are working with various law enforcement agencies and industry organizations to combat this fraud.