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COVID-19 Response

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Smith Drug Company COVID-19 Response

Smith Drug Company Updates

05/20/2020    COVID-19 Testing Kits Are Now Available For Purchase

04/01/2020    DEA Changes Emergency CII Requirements

03/27/2020    Customer Update

03/20/2020    Customer Update

03/17/2020    A Letter from Saul

03/16/2020    COVID-19 Delivery Updates

03/13/2020    COVID-19  Ordering Update 

03/02/2020    COVID-19 Inventory Statement

Other Updates

06/15/2020    FDA Revokes Emergency Use Authorization for Chloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine

04/17/2020    DEA Guidance 5% Distribution Rule

04/14/2020    FDA Recommendations for Pharmacists-Non Standard PPE/Sterile Compounding

03/15/2020    FDA Guidance on Hand Sanitizer

03/12/2020    CMS Issues Guidance to Help Medicare Advantage and Part D Plans Respond to COVID-19 

State Specific Updates

04/14/2020    Virginians’ Access to Health Services at Pharmacies Enhanced by New Law, NACDS Says

03/25/2020    South Carolina Board of Pharmacy - Orders Issued by SC Board of Pharmacy

03/24/2020    Virginia Board of Pharmacy - Important COVID-19 Information

03/24/2020    North Carolina Board of Pharmacy - COVID Drug Rule and Guidance for Pharmacist Managers

03/24/2020    State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy - COVID-19 Response Efforts

03/24/2020    Vermont Governor Stay-at-Home Order

03/24/2020    Iowa Board of Pharmacy - COVID-19 Information and Updates