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Mar 20, 2020 Tags:

What a week this has been! Thank you to all the pharmacies and their staff who continue to be an essential part of this battle. Your work and commitment to patients is not going unnoticed.

I wanted to share a few thoughts with you from our position in the supply chain. Yes, we are seeing increased order volume, and that has caused some delays in our deliveries. But it is important that you know this: the supply chain remains strong.

We continue to receive product from manufacturers, and we continue to fill customers’ orders. While we have put measures in place to review orders outside the range of historic norms, our teams are working around the clock to get totes filled and on their way to our customers.

Earlier this week, I participated in a conference call hosted by the President and Vice President for selected leaders involved in the US supply chain. The call was initiated as part of the nation’s pandemic response to solicit feedback on what is being done and still needs to be done. It was one of several that have happened in the last few days between Smith Drug Company and government officials at the state and federal level.

At every opportunity, we are sharing with our elected officials the important role independent retail and long term care pharmacy continues to play in the healthcare continuum, as well as our commitment to protect our link in the supply chain. On the call with the Administration, I personally gave feedback about the urgency for CMS and other payors to speed up payments to pharmacies to help ensure their financial well-being.

In closing, I’d like to ask a favor. As you can, please keep sharing your feedback on how we are doing. I share your notes and messages with our entire team several times a week. Hearing about the important role they are playing in helping your patients means a lot to all of us right now.

At Smith Drug Company, we are keeping you, your employees and all your families in our thoughts, wishing you good health and strength, and offering you thanks for your commitment to your patients.

Thank you,

Saul Factor, RPh., MBA
Smith Drug Company