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South Carolina Board of Pharmacy - Orders Issued by SC Board of Pharmacy

Mar 25, 2020 Tags:

The SC Board of Pharmacy has issued the following orders:

2020-BOP-PH-04, which extends the deadlines for renewal of licenses, registrations, permits, and completion of continuing education requirements.  It also allows pharmacists who would not otherwise be able to administer vaccinations to do so by giving them additional time to comply with the Joint Vaccination Protocol.

2020-BOP-PH-04 (extending deadlines).pdf (Click to view or download)

2020-BOP-PH-05, which allows permittees to utilize pickup kiosks without first receiving approval from the Board’s Practice and Technology Committee and, ultimately, the Board.  These kiosks will aid in social distancing efforts by allowing individuals to pick up prescriptions without having a face-to-face interaction with pharmacy personnel.

2020-BOP-PH-05(approving kiosks).pdf (Click to view or download)

2020-BOP-PH-06, which creates a safe harbor for sterile compounders to continue production of necessary drugs in light of a national shortage of garb and personal protective equipment.

2020-BOP-PH-06 (garb-PPE shortage safe harbor).pdf (Click to view or download)