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Mar 27, 2020 Tags:

March 27, 2020

To All of Our Smith Drug Company Family,

Those of you who were at last year’s Trade Show may remember us talking about the fact that Smith Drug Company only serves independent community and long term care pharmacies, so our success was linked to your success. Because our focus is on you, there is no one in front of you in line for products, and when you call us, you speak to real people who understand your pharmacy.

These last two weeks, many of you have reached out to us to let us know that never before has your wholesaler relationship been as critical as it is today. We appreciate the trust you have placed in us and continue to work hard every day on your behalf.

I am happy to be able to share with you that while our order volumes continue to be very strong, we are still delivering totes to our customers every day. Our inventory levels remain solid (although some non-Rx products such as PPE and disinfectant continue to be difficult to get nationwide), and our team is as committed as any group I have seen throughout my career. We know your patients are counting on you, and we take that responsibility to heart.

Our advocacy work on behalf of our customers continues, as we use our voice to amplify your voice. We have participated in multiple calls again this week, with the administration, with state and federal agencies and with trade organizations, stressing the importance of solving issues such as DIR fees, MAC pricing and PBMs. Small business is the backbone of our economy, and independent pharmacy is a critical part of the healthcare continuum.

During this current crisis, but also moving forward, a vibrant independent pharmacy sector is more important than ever, and we are making sure our legislators are not only aware of this, but armed with information to protect the future of pharmacy.

As we continue, together, to navigate situations that are new to all of us, please know that Smith Drug Company is honored to be your partner. Thank you.

Saul Factor, RPh
President, Smith Drug Company