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CDC Urges Flu Vaccinations for All Americans Over the Age of Six Months

Oct 2, 2014 Tags: CDC, Child Health, Influenza, Pharmaceuticals, Seniors

Because less than half of Americans received flu vaccinations last year, according to a new CDC report, the agency is once again reminding the public that patients and caregivers of patients six months and older should be vaccinated. According to CDC’s September 19, 2014 Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, only one-third of adults aged 18 to 64 received flu shots last year, Pharmacy Times reports. Influenza vaccinations are particularly important for persons who are at increased risk for severe complications from influenza, or at higher risk for influenza-related outpatient, emergency department, or hospital visits, according to information posted the CDC website.

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Many Seniors Receive Painkiller Prescriptions from Multiple Doctors

Mar 3, 2014 Tags: Seniors

More than 60% of Medicare patients who are prescribed opioid painkillers obtain the prescriptions from two or more doctors, increasing their risk for hospitalization, indicates a new study. Nearly 12% of Medicare beneficiaries with opioid prescriptions are receiving them from four or more prescribers, according to the study, published in BMJ.

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