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Manufacturer Recalls & Pharmaceutical Updates

Below you will find recent Class I and II recall notices provided to Smith Drug Company by the manufacturing community. If lot number information is not posted or you have any other concerns, please contact your Smith Drug Company Customer Service Representative.


Date Manufacturer Drug Details
10/11/2018 Braun Medical Inc. Rate Flow Regulator View  
10/10/2018 Akorn Inc. Gentamicin Sulfate Ophthalmic Solution View  
10/09/2018 Orexigen Therapeutics, Inc Contrave View  
10/03/2018 Pfizer Thermacare Heatwraps View  


Date Manufacturer Drug Details
09/28/2018 GlaxoSmithKline Prevacid 24hr Capsules View  
09/25/2018 Hospira Inc. Meropenen For Injection View  
09/24/2018 Valeant Pharmaceuticals Ocean Saline Nasal Spray View  
09/24/2018 Greenstone Glipizide XL View  
09/24/2018 Valeant Pharmaceuticals Cortaid View  
09/24/2018 King Bio Aqueous-Based Products - FYI View  
09/17/2018 Sun Pharma Calcitriol Oral Solution View  
09/11/2018 Product Quest Manufacturing LLC Humist Saline Nasal Mist View  
09/11/2018 Takeda Pharmaceuticals Actoplus Met XR 15 MG/1000 MG View  
09/10/2018 Noven Pharmaceuticals, Inc Minivelle Expansion View  
09/06/2018 Trividia Health TRUEplus Insulin Syringes - FYI View  
09/05/2018 Mylan Pharmaceuticals Levonorgestrel and Ethinyl Estradiol Tablets, USP View  


Date Manufacturer Drug Details
08/29/2018 Accord Hydrochlorothiazide 12.5mg Tablets View  
08/28/2018 Akorn Ethosuximide Caps View  
08/27/2018 Torrent Pharma Amlodipine/Valsartan/HCTZ Tablets View  
08/27/2018 Orexigen Therapeutics, Inc Contrave View  
08/23/2018 Accord Hydrochlorothiazide 12.5mg Tablets View  
08/22/2018 Torrent Pharma Amlodipine/Valsartan/HCTZ Tablets View  
08/13/2018 Orexigen Therapeutics, Inc Contrave View  
08/13/2018 Camber Pharmaceuticals, Inc Indomethacin View  
08/09/2018 Camber Pharmaceuticals, Inc Valsartan Tablets View  
08/09/2018 Teva Pharmaceuticals USA, Inc Fortamet ER Tablets View  
08/08/2018 Cipla Ltd for Meda Pharmaceuticals Dymista Nasal Spray View  
08/08/2018 Teva Pharmaceuticals USA, Inc Paliperidone Tablets ER View  
08/03/2018 Dr. Reddy's Laboratories, Inc Atorvastatin Calcium Tablets View  
08/02/2018 AuroMedics Pharma LLC Piperacillin and Tazobactam for injection View  
08/02/2018 Cardinal Health Medical Device Recall View  


Date Manufacturer Drug Details
07/27/2018 Vensun Pharmaceuticals, Inc Potassium Citrate View  
07/25/2018 West-Ward Doxycycline View  
07/24/2018 Teva Pharmaceeuticals USA, Inc Valsartan View  
07/24/2018 Mondelez Global LLC Ritz View  
07/23/2018 Solco Healthcare Valsartan View  
07/18/2018 Teva Pharmaceuticals USA, Inc. Valsartan View  
07/16/2018 Solco Healthcare Valsartan View  
07/05/2018 Novartis Entresto View  
07/05/2018 Novartis Zofran ODT View  
07/05/2018 Sandoz Ondansetron and Risperidone View  
07/05/2018 Mylan Loxapine (Expansion) View  
07/05/2018 Hospira Daptomycin View  
07/03/2018 Hospira Daptomycin View  
07/03/2018 Major Pharmaceuticals Enalapril View