Home Medical Equipment Catalog, Vol. VI

Aftertest Topical Relief Stick 33g 4mm Pen Needle Pre-Moistened Washcloths Leg & Foot Warmer FREEZEshot Fingerstick Pain Relief World’s thinnest with Aloe and Lanolin Includes King Size Heating Pad Injection & Fingerstick Pain Relief Under Pads Stor-More Lock Laces Heating Pads Freedom Foot Cream Avaiable in: 45g, 60g and 90g Diabetic Supply Organizer Available in a Variety of Colors Available in Classic and King sizes Suitable for Diabetics PetTest PetTest 21G Twist Top Lancets PetTest 21G Safety Lancets Pet Pee Pads COOLShot Blood Glucose Monitoring System for Dogs and Cats for Dogs and Cats with Attractant & Visual Cue Injection & Pain Relief for Pets Speaking Wrist Blood Non-Speaking Wrist Blood Automatic Arm Blood Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Non-Contact Speaking Pressure Monitor Pressure Monitor Pressure Monitor Non-speaking Infrared Thermometer We Are Still Your Source for Diabetic Supplies Speaking Glucose Meter, Test Strips, Control Solution, Lancing Device, Alcohol Wipes,Pull & Twist Lancets, Pen Needles, Safety Lancets and Syringes NEW NEW ITEMS FOR 2017 NEW NEW NEW NEW toll-free: (888) 469-3579 See our latest product line at www.advocatemeters.com Welcome to the Advocate Family of Products Innovative Products for Health Hypertension / Arthritis / ermometry / Dental / Animal Health / Disposables / Pain Management 103