Home Medical Equipment Catalog, Vol. VI

104 RG Medical Diagnostics Geratherm Mercury-Free Glass Thermometers Clinically accurate German-made thermometers with FDA approved Galinstan. Environ- mentally friendly. °F and °C. Protective case included. Oral. 20030 10-7193 MagnaTherm Oral with magnifying lens to enlarge temperature reading. 20040 11-0569 Rectal with tapered tip. 20050 10-9322 Basal for women for fertility purposes. with expanded calibration strip and magnifying lens to enlarge tempera- ture reading. 20060 11-1724 SolarTherm Speed Battery-Free Digital is powered by normal room lighting and maintains 48 hours of standby power. Features 9-second readings, clinical accuracy, flexible tip, and jumbo display. Oral, axillary and rectal use. Protective storage case included. 40053 28-9595 HealthSmart Kids Digger Dog Thermometer features 30 second reading, flexible tip, last reading memory, °F and °C, and auto off.Water resistant. Includes half case, five probe covers, and battery. 15-802-000 66-6420 30-Second SlimThermometer features memory recall of last read- ing, °F and °C options, and auto off. Water resistant. Includes case, battery, and five probe covers. 15-930-000 55-6886 Family Care Digital Thermometer features 60 second readings, last reading memory, and auto-off. For oral, underarm, or rectal use. °F or °C. 700572 70-3173 actual size Thermometers & Otoscopes American Diagnostic Adtemp TempleTouch Thermometer features six second reading at the temple, auto-off, audible completion tone, last reading memory, °F or °C, and is water resistant. Includes two AAA batteries. 427Q 70-9162 Adtemp 413 Digital Thermometer Measures in 30-40 seconds, beeps when complete with last reading memory. Water resistant, °F and °C, auto off. Includes 1.55V battery, lens covers, and case. 413 35-3532 ProScope Otoscope features German 2.5v lamp, bayonet locking head, removable 4x magnifying lens, rheostatic on/off switch, autoclavable, polypropylene ear specula (2.5mm, 3.5mm, 4.5mm) knurled brass han- dle. Uses two C batteries (not includ- ed). Comes with zippered pouch and specula. 5211 41-2502 A&D Medical LifeSource Instant-Read Ear Thermometer features 1-second readings in °F or °C - scans 512 times per second. Features water- proof lens tip. Includes battery and cover. UT-302 09-6461 AMG Medical Fever-Bugz Stick-On Fever Indicators Encapsulated liquid crys- tal technology for temperature in sec- onds and continuously displays up to 48 hrs. Accurate within 1 degree F. Use on forehead, armpit, between shoulder blades or chest. Hypo-aller- genic, latex-free, can be used while bathing. 8/pkg. 97261 54-6721 Apex Temp-Qwik Forehead Strip Thermometer features 15-second reading. Reusable. 70032 51-3739 Digital Beeper Thermometer for oral, rectal or underarm use has auto shut-off, °F or °C. 70033 51-3747 With Flex Tip 70061 51-3796 Fast Read Digital Thermometer for oral, rectal or underarm use has 30-second reading with beeper, last- reading memory. Case included. 70056 51-3788 Flex Tip Temp-Qwik