Home Medical Equipment Catalog, Vol. VI

106 Diapers Attends Breathable Briefs Features triple-tier moisture locking sys- tem (pH-reducing fibers, microporous acquisition layer, super absorbent poly- mer), breathable side panels, cloth-like inner and outer material, six Comfort Flex-Tabs that fasten anywhere, and waterproof outer protection. Heavy Absorbency XS 20"-30" 24/pkg. BRBX10 17-8772 SM 24-35 24/pkg. BRBX15 75-5033 Waistband Style Heavy Absorbency Features soft stretch waistband and six standard tape tabs. MD 22/retail bg. BRW102044 17-8780 MD 22/pkg. BRW102088 21-8982 LG 18/retail bg. BRW103036 34-2840 LG 18/pkg. BRW103072 12-9486 Attends Care Poly Briefs Heavy Absorbency Promotes Optimal Skin Health Features triple-tier moisture locking system, acquisition layer, pH-reducing fibers, and six easy-fit tape tabs. LG 24/retail pkg. BR30 34-4168 XL 20/pkg. BR40 54-2878 Attends Care Briefs Heavy Absorbency Features soft inner liner, cloth-like breathable outer covering, triple tier moisture locking system, and six ergonomic finger lift flex tabs. MD 24/pkg. BRHC20 70-5236 LG 24/pkg. BRHC30 70-5244 XL 20/pkg. BRCH40 70-5251 Confidence Breathable Briefs Moderate Absorbency Disposable breathable with elastic gathers. and four tape tabs. Bulk pkg. MD 24/pkg. CBC20 70-5269 LG 24/pkg. CBC30 70-5277 XL 20/pkg. CBC40 70-5285 Attends Advanced DermaDry Technology Brief Heavy Absorbenc y features per- formance fit and is economically and environmentally sustainable with breathable fabric, acquisition layer, triple-layer core, interior leg cuff, and six easy-fit tape tabs. MD 24/pkg. DDA20 71-9039 LG 24/pkg. DDA30 71-9054 XL 20/pkg. DDA40 71-9062 2X 12/pkg. DDA50 71-9070 Attends Protective Underwear Pull-on underwear contains super absorbent polymer fibers, stretchable comfort-fit belly and waistband elas- tics, breathable material, cloth-like material, acquisition layer, and back color stitching. Moderate Absorbency MD 20/pkg. AP0720 71-0319 LG 18/pkg. AP0730 71-0327 XL 14/pkg. AP0740 71-0368 Super Absorbency SM 20/pkg. APP0710 37-9412 MD 20/pkg. APP0720 15-2850 LG 18/pkg. APP0730 15-9426 XL 14/pkg. APP0740 16-4434 Attends Discreet Underwear Super Absorbency For day or night extended wear. Features super absorbent polymer and cellulous fibers for 50% more absorbency, breathable material, triple-tier moisture locking system with odor conrol. MD 34"-44" 16/pkg. APPNT20 66-5489 LG 44"-58" 14/pkg. APPNT30 66-5505 XL 58-68 12/pkg. APPNT40 73-0846 Attends Care Underwear Heavy Absorbency Features acquisition layer and super absorbent polymer, color stitching indi- cates back of brief, waistband elastics and breathable material. MD 20/pkg. APV20 70-5293 LG 18/pkg. APV30 70-5301 XL 14/pkg. APV40 70-5319 Attends Bariatric Underwear Features stretchy side panels, pro- curement layer and super absorbent polymer channel to lock fluids in the core and block odors. 2XL up to 90" 12/pkg. AU50 70-4064 Attends Value Poly Briefs Heavy Absorbency Features super absorbent polymers, moisture-proof layer, leg gathers and tape tabs. Bulk pkg. MD 32"-44" 24/pkg. BRC20 51-7862 LG 44"-58" 24/pkg. BRC30 51-7888 XL 58"-63" 20/pkg. BRC40 51-7896 Attends Non-Adjustable Belted Undergarments Moderate Absorbency with two wide reusable belts, leg gathers, con- toured shape, cloth-like inner liner, poly outer covering, acquisition layer and super absorbent polymer chan- nel, and odor control. One size fits up to 54". Pad length 28". 30/pkg. BU0600 30-2240 Attends Hip or Waist Measurement Youth 20"-28" MD 32"-44" LG 44"-58" XL 58"-68" 2X 68"-80" Disposable Briefs & Underwear