Home Medical Equipment Catalog, Vol. VI

105 OraQuick In-Home HIV Test FDA approved. Same test used by healthcare professionals. Oral swab test does not require blood, results in 20 minutes. 10340 60-3951 AZO Test Strips for Urinary Tract Infection Same test used by most doctors, tests for nitrite and white blood cells. Accurate results in just two minutes. 3/pkg. 0326-72 29-5766 John G Kyles Precision Ph Control Litmus Paper Strips pH range is 5. 0 to 9. 0. Color chart and complete directions on each pack. 50/pkg. 5090 18-3871 Roche Accutrend Plus Cholesterol Strips For use with Accutrend Plus and Accu-Chek InstantPlus meters. 25/pkg. 27610 06-9203 KAZ BraunThermoscan 3 Ear Thermometer features Audio Temperature Indicator, one second reading, last reading memory, and lens filter detector to ensure proper use. Includes 3 volt lithium battery, lens filters, and protective cap. IRT3030US 79-0444 BraunThermoScan 5 Ear Thermometer features pre-warmed tip that improves accuracy, guidance system, and infrared technology for readings in seconds. Includes batteries, lens filters, and case. IRT6500US 77-3614 ThermoScan probe covers. 40/pkg. LF40US01 66-6396 Braun NTF3000US No Touch + Forehead Thermometer features clinically accuracy for all ages, large on-screen positioning, two second readings, and color-coded screen. NTF3000US 74-1488 Vicks Digital Stick Thermometer features 15 second reading, Fever Alert technology and last-reading memory. Includes batteries and stor- age case. V901US 77-3606 Vicks SpeedRead Thermometer features eight second reading, Fever InSight display, auto shut-off, and last- reading memory.Waterproof. Oral, rec- tal or underarm use. Includes batteries and case. V912US 57-1273 Vicks ComfortFlex Digital Thermometer features flexible tip, eight second reading, Fever InSight display, auto shut-off, and last-reading memory.Waterproof. Oral, rectal or underarm use. Includes batteries and case. V966US 77-3598 GoodSense Dual Scale Flexible Tip Digital Thermomer with 10 second reading, last-reading memory. Oral, rectal or underarm. Waterproof. GF00157 34-6478 Digital Thermometer with 30 second reading, last-reading memory. Oral, rectal or underarm. Waterproof. GF00159 34-6445 10-Second Digital Thermometer with last-reading memory. Oral, rectal or underarm. Waterproof. Five probe covers included. VH00788 75-4374 60-Second Digital Thermometer with back lit display, last-reading memory, and auto off. Oral, rectal or underarm. Waterproof. Case includ- ed. VH00643 71-8031 Disposable Probe Covers for oral, rectal or underarm. 30/pkg. VH00161 34-6635 Phamatech At Home Drug Test Kits 99.9% accuracy - as reliable as tests used by hospitals. Easy-to-use dip card technology shows results in just 5 minutes. Free confirmatory mail-in laboratory testing. Kits contain collection cup, labeled vial, transport pouch, and mailing box. FDA Cleared. Cocaine Test 9073T 06-8825 Marijuana Test 9078T 07-0417 6 Panel Drug Test Kit for Amphetamine, Methamphetamine, Ecstasy, Marijuana, Cocaine, and Opiates. Over 99% accurate. 9150T 06-5763 12 Panel Kit for Amphetamine, Barbiturates, Benzodiazepines, Cocaine, Ecstasy, Methadone, Methamphetamine, MDa, Opiates, Oxycodone, Phencyclidine (pcp), and Marijuana (thc). 9308Z 56-8485 Drug Tests & Testing Strips Thermometers & Otoscopes