Home Medical Equipment Catalog, Vol. VI

124 Disposable Washcloths Attends Disposable Washcloths Spunlace washcloth with moisturizing aloe. Alcohol-free, hypo-allergenic, no rinse. Soft pack with recloseable lid, 8" x 11". 72/pkg. WCCP1000 26-5322 Convatec Aloe VestaCloths Easy-to-use, rinse-free dispos- able bathing cloths that cleans- es and moisturizes. pH- bal- anced, CHG compatible, for all ages. 8/pkg. 325521 43-9869 Covidien Wings Pre-Moistened Washcloths Specially formulated for incon- tinent clean-up and geriatric skin, cleanses and moisturizes with Aloe Vera. No rinsing or drying. 8.7" x 11.8". 64/tub. 6599N 28-9652 Curity Pre-Moistened Washcloths Provide a durable yet gentle way to cleanse the skin of all ages. Mild formula is alcohol- free, hypoallergenic, pH bal- anced and contains aloe, vita- min E and camomile. 8.7" x 11.8" Resealable soft pack. 96/pkg. 5399SP 66-4318 GoodSense Soft Cream Baby Wipes Soft spun Rashguard wipes. Sensitive formula. Unscented. 16/pkg. USN00512 62-5806 72/pkg. USN00619 60-9438 Scented. 72/pkg. USN00620 61-1004 Dynarex Baby Wipes Soft, yet durable spunlace wipes are alcohol free, and contain lanolin and aloe vera skin conditioners. Unscented tub with snap lid. 7" x 8". 80/pkg. 1311 69-8167 Soft pack unscented with resealable label. 5" x 7". 80/pkg. 1327 69-8175 Soft pack unscented with flip- top plastic lid. 5" x 7". 80/pkg. 1328 70-2746 Flush Away Wipes Pre-moistened wipes are strong and flushable, alcohol- free. 9" x 13". 60/pkg. 1321 58-0555 Obstetrical Towelettes For gentle cleansing through- out partum process or when- ever cleansing and refresh- ing is required. 5" x 7". 100/pkg. 1302 56-5713 Sage No-Rinse Washcloths Comfort Bath ® Washcloths. 8" x 8" pre-moistened mois- turizing cloths. No-rinse, pH balanced, hypoallergenic. 8/pkg. 7911 06-0673 TZMO USA Seni Care Washcloths Recommended for frequent cleansing of perineal areas. Alcohol and paraben free. 12" x 8". 48/pkg. S-WA48-C11 76-1163