Home Medical Equipment Catalog, Vol. VI

125 Principle Business Enterprises Tranquility Cleansing Wipes Cloth-like, multipurpose disposable wipes have a mild scent and are hypoallergenic, paraben-free, alcohol-free and are enriched with Aloe Vera, Chamomile and Vitamin E. 9" x 13". 56/pkg. 3101 55-3438 First Quality Prevail Washcloths Pre-moistened premium cotton washcloths contain Vitamin E, lotion, and Aloe and are alcohol-free. 12" x 8". Soft pack with press-open lid. 48/pkg. WW-710 58-5729 Soft pack with press-open lid. 96/pkg. WW-720 76-7012 Quilted washcloth Tub with single hand dispensing. 12" x 8". 96/tub. WW-901 45-9412 Soft pack. Refill. 96/pkg. WW-902 72-9707 Quilted washcloth. Soft pack with press-open lid. 48/pkg. WW-910 72-9715 ProCare Personal Wipes Adult Washcloths with soothing aloe. 12" x 8". Soft pack 96/pkg. CRW096 79-9460 Owen Mumford The Rapport Classic System System consists of a clear plastic vacuum tube, a hand pump with a pressure relief valve, five sizes of penile ring, two sizes of transfer sleeve and tube of water soluble lubricating jelly, all supplied in a dis- creet carrying case. SM2000 53-6235 Augusta Medical SomaTherapy-ED Touch II Battery Pump System Battery-operated vacuum system for non-surgical impotence treatment applies a gentle amount of negative pressure, which you control with one touch activation. RX eligible. 15013 06-4626 SomaTherapy-ED Response II Manual Pump System Simple, hand-activated vacuum therapy system for non-surgical impotence treatment uses the “Ultra Ease” mechanism for effortless man- ual operation, operated with one finger. RX eligible. 15019 07-2611 Vitality OTC Ultra-Ease Manual Pump System Over-the-counter system for non- surgical impotence treatment includes the same quality medical grade technology as the Response II ® prescription system. 15008 07-6356 Vacuum Erection Devices Disposable Washcloths