Home Medical Equipment Catalog, Vol. VI

165 Wound Care Smith & Nephew Allevyn Adhesive Hydrocellular Dressing Highly absorbent hydrocellular with perforated wound contact layer, waterproof outer film, adhesive, and tapered micro-thin edges. 10/box 3" x 3" 66020043 35-6691 5" x 5" 66020044 13-2902 Allevyn Foam Dressing Highly absorbent hydrocellular foam dressing with non-adherent breath- able film layer. 10/box 4" x 4" 66927637 08-0291 Exu-Dry Wound Dressing One-piece, mulitply layer absorbent non-adherent wound dressing. 6" x 9". 12/bo 5999006 13-6473 IV3000 1-Hand Cannula Fixation Dressing Moisture responsive transparent film dressing for catheter fixation. Easy one hand application. 4" x 4-3/4". 50/box 4008 56-2777 Iodosorb Gel Gel with cadexomer iodine absorbs fluids, removing exudate and debris, and releases iodine, provides sus- tained antimicrobial activity. 1.4 oz. tube 660212504 06-4931 Primapore Post-Op Dressing Absorbent pad with a soft and con- formable adhesive layer. 6" x 3-1/8". 20/box 66000318 80-0854 11-3/4" x 4". 20/box 66000321 59-8151 Oasis Wound Matrix Intact matrix naturally derived from porcine small intestinal submucosa. Fenestrated 7" x 10". 5/box 1000-10 44-9504 Mesh 7" x 1" 5/box 1000-15 44-9744 3 cm. x 3.5 cm.10/box 1000-33 44-9363 Opsite Wound Dressing Transparent, adhesive film is mois- ture vapor permeable, conformable. Simple application technique. 4" x 11". 10/box 4542 32-3063 SoloSite Wound Gel Hydrogel wound dressing with preservatives rehydrates and absorbs exudate. 3 oz. flip top tube. 449600 06-0822 Viscopaste PB7 Zinc Bandage (Unna Boot) Open weave bandage impregnated with zinc paste for moist wound heal- ing environment over an ulcer. Individually wrapped. Sterile. 3" x 10 yds. 4956 07-5382 Southwest Technology Elasto-Gel Plus Wound Dressing Highly absorbent occlusive dressing with breathable tape border. Sterile. 4" x 4". 5/box DR8050 36-0081 Implus Footcare 2nd Skin Blister Pads Sterile hydrocolloid pads. Waterproof, highly-comfortable, thin, stays on up to 5 days. 1.5” x 2.4". 5/pkg. 47-423 79-7043 2nd Skin Moist Burn Pads Made from pure, sterile water to cool and soothe on contact. A moist com- fortable barrier helps heal while pro- tecting the burn, scrape or abrasion. Can be trimmed to fit or layered for larger burns and will not stick to the wound. 2" x 3" 4/box 47-019 18-5959 3" x 4" 3/box 47-027 18-7435 Steadmed Resta Wound Cleanser Fast thorough and gentle cleansing of the wound without force. Gentle irrigant with no sensitivity, stinging or adverse effects on granulating tissue. Non-cytotoxic formula is dispensed via a trigger sprayer, delivering the optimum PSI for wound cleansing. 8 oz. 08530 76-3326 Resta SilverGel Skin and Wound Gel Amorphous gel allows full antimicro- bial contact with entire wound bed. Crystal clear, broad-spectrum antimi- crobial protection with sustained and effective silver ion release for at least 3 days. 1.5 oz. 08597 76-3318 Vashe Wound Therapy Solution Solution of hypochlorous acid (HOCl) helps cleanse in a biocompatible, safe, effective and natural way. 250 ml. 00313 66-8285 Systagenix Adaptic Dressing Non-adhering knitted cellulose acetate dressing impregnated with petrolatum emulsion to protect around draining wounds. Sterile. 3" x 8" 532015 41-8913