Home Medical Equipment Catalog, Vol. VI

166 Wound Dressing Trays & Forceps Dressing Trays B. Braun Dressing Change Kit Contains 3 alcohol swabsticks, ChloraPrep 3.0 mL with insert, CSR wrap 17" × 19", dressing change label, face mask, gloves (latex free, powder free), Opsite IV 3000 Dressing 4" × 5.5", Transpore tape 1" × 18", 2" × 2" non-woven gauze, 2" x 2" non-adherent dressing, 2" x 2" split sponge, and 4" × 4" non-woven gauze. 30/box 375185 25-5307 Curity Suture Removal Kit Contains littauer scissors, metal forceps, and one 3" x 3" gauze sponge. Sterile. 66200 16-7528 Dynarex Dressing Change Tray Components arranged in procedural sequence: wound care tray, non- woven face mask, non-woven split sponge 2" x 2" 4 ply, non-adherent sponge 2" x 2, gauze sponge 2" x 2" 8 ply, gauze sponge 4" x 4" 8 ply, waterproof drape 45 x 34cm, dress- ing change label, PVC gloves pow- der-free in wallet, 36" tape measure, 3 PVP swabsticks, 3 alcohol swab- sticks, 3M™ tape 3/4" x 18", 3M™ Tegaderm transparent film dressing, 4" x 4-3/4". Sterile. 4705 60-8216 Medline Dressing Change Tray Contains 1 tray, 1 mask, 3 pk. alco- hol/acetone swabs, 3 pk. PVP swabs, PVP ointment, 2" x 2" split gauze, 4 pads of 4" x 4" gauze, cotton tipped applicator, Tegaderm dressing, scis- sors, tape, latex gloves, bag with tie, CSR wrap, dressing change label. DYNJ03333 16-4251 Scissors, Forceps, Scalpels ADC Kelly Hemostatic Forceps Stainless steel kelly hemostatic for- ceps, curved 5". 311 64-2595 Apothecary Bandage Scissors Heavy duty, cuts through metal, plastic and cloth. With blunt tip and angled blade for safer removal of bandages. 69611 13-3157 Curad Bandage Scissors Stainless steel scissors with blunt tip and angled blade. CUR10750RB 75-5793 Dynarex Medicut Disposable Scalpels #10 Sheffield stainless steel blade with finely honed cutting edge. Gamma sterilized, individ. foil packaged. 4.9" handle. 4110 22-3008 Masks & Covers Nexcare Earloop Mask Fluid resist- ant, single use mask that helps pro- tect others from bacteria exhaled by the wearer. 20/box H1820 44-1394 Dynarex Procedures Masks Blue pleated procedure mask with flexible nose piece, glass-free filter, elastic ear loops. 50/box 2201 08-9821 Above with clear plastic wraparound face shield. 50/box 2202 69-4588 Dynarex N95 Molded Respirator Mask Fluid-resistant face mask with elastic strap and molded nose piece. 20/box 2295 60-9453 Medline Curad BioMask Antiviral Isolation Mask Universal standard flat mask with pleats blocks 99.99% viruses. 10/box CUR384S 69-5106 Dynarex Disposable Non-Skid Shoe Covers Non-conductive, durable spunbonded polypropylene with elas- tic opening. Latex-free. 150 pair/box RG to men's size 12 2132 53-8025 XL to men’s size 13+ 2134 53-8033 Medline Tychem SL Footed Coveralls with hood and attached boots. Saranex 23-P film laminated to Tyvek fabric. White. 12/box MD REG22BWHMD00 69-5056 LG REGL122BWHLG 69-5031 XL REGL122BWHXL 69-5049 First Aid ADC AdSafe Pocket Resuscitator High efficiency and low resistance one-way valve, 15 mm. O.D. connec- tor, and soft-air custion mask for adults/infants/children. 4053 28-8134 Replacement valve 4053V 28-7193 ADC Adsafe Face Shield Semi-transparent face shield protects rescuer with 3M Filtrete filter. Single use, foil wrapped. 12"x 8" pen.10/pkg. 4055-10 74-5513 Dynarex MPR Bag includes adult MPR, medium mask, standard elbow w/PMP, 2500 cc./ml. bag, and 10 ft. oxygen tubing. Features duck-bill valve, exhalation port, adjustable flow rates. 5808 53-8066 Johnson & Johnson Red Cross Mini First AidTo Go Kit includes antiseptic wipes, gauze pads, butterfly closures and adhesive bandages. Plastic case is 6" x 6" x 10" 08295 79-7506 ADC Disposable Airway Kit Smooth reinforced white polyethylene airway with reinforced bite block. Complete set of 6. 4000 73-9102 Tourniquet ADC synthetic rubber with adjustable hook-and-loop clo- sure. Adult 14.5" x 1" 340 73-9086