Home Medical Equipment Catalog, Vol. VI

171 Devilbiss VixOne Disposable Nebulizer Features comfortable mouthpiece, 7 feet kink-resistant Flexhose tubing, anti-spill tee design, secure seal with simple 1/4 turn assembly and univer- sal connector. 3655D-621 80-5994 Filters for PulmoMate nebulizer. 5/pkg. 5650D-602 80-6000 Roscoe Nebulizers Piston compressor delivers 16-43 psi (liter flow range 5-8 LPM) and weighs only 3.4 pounds. Equipped with a built-in carrying handle and a conven- ient nebulizer parking post. Comes with compressor, nebulizer, child mask, tubing, mouthpiece and 5 extra filters. 5 year warranty. Frog nebulizer. 7-5/6" x 6-1/4" x 5-1/3". 2.55 lbs. 50000 56-4054 Dog nebulizer. 8.8" x 5.4" x 9". 3.5 lbs. NEB-DOG 56-4062 Bunny nebulizer. 8.8" x 5.4" x 9". 3.5 lbs. NEB-BUNNY 80-1787 Dinosaur nebulizer. 4.06" x 11.42" x 5.2". 2.85 lbs. NEB-DINO 80-1795 Phillips Respironics InnoSpire Essence Compressor Nebulizer Reliable system features fast 6-8 minute aerosol drug delivery with proven SideStream technology. Compact, lightweight, and eco- nomical. Offers inter- mittent drug delivery (30-min on / 30-min off). Unit with SideStream disposable nebulizer. 1099966 74-8558 Unit with one SideStream disposable and one reusable nebulizers. 1100312 61-4065 InnoSpire Deluxe Compressor Nebulizer Premium compressor pro- viding continuous aerosol medication delivery with fast 5-7 minute drug delivery with proven SideStream technology. Features durable compressor, built-in storage compartment and a sturdy carrying handle. Includes SideStream dispos- able nebulizer. 1110063 67-5264 Filters for all Inspiration Elite, Inspiration 626 and Mister Neb nebu- lizers. 929-50 23-7511 Sidestream Nebulizer Unique Venturi design offers faster drug delivery and shorter treatment times with angled mouthpiece and Duratube. Reusable to 6 months. HS860-050 41-0779 Salter Labs Disposable Nebulizers 8900 Nebulizer allows 3 cc. medication delivery in less than 10 minutes, even when held at an angle. Includes anti-drool T, mouthpiece, 6" reservoir tube, and 7 ft. supply tubing. 8900 44-2434 8900 Nebulizer with adult, over-the-ear style aerosol mask and 7 ft. supply tubing. 8904-7 81-2941 8900 Nebulizer with pediatric elastic- strap aerosol mask and 7 ft. supply tubing. 8906 28-0958 NebuTech HDN small volume nebulizer with mouthpiece and 7 ft. supply tubing. 8960 15-6216 Salter NebuTech HDN Reusable Nebulizer Small volume jet nebulizer delivers 3 cc. in less than 10 minutes, 80% of particles are below 5 microns, in horizontal or vertical position. Includes anti-drool mouthpiece and disposable 7 ft. supply tube. 8660-7-50 56-7693 Nebulizers