Home Medical Equipment Catalog, Vol. VI

172 MSD Care InspireEase Spacer Kit with mouthpiece and reservoir bag used with meter dose inhaler. InspireEase makes it asier for child to use the MDI and ensure that the right amount of medication gets into the lungs. 460202 21-3405 Replacement reservoir bags. 3/pkg. 4602-03 28-5510 Mylan Ace Aerosol Coaching Adaptor & VHC Coaching adaptor encourages the patient to inhale more slowly and maximizes respirable volume. Laminar flow rates help to improve aerosol distribution and penetration. One-way valve allows inhalation of the aerosol cloud and closes to pre- vent the patient from exhaling into the chamber. Can be used in a ventilator circuit, with a resuscitation bag, with a mask, or as a hand-held unit. 20301 42-3392 Pari Vortex Non-Electrostatic Valved Holding Chamber Non-electrostatic metal chamber improves dose delivery consistency with cyclonic inspiratory flow pattern, universal receptacle that fits all major brands of MDIs, and clear mouth- piece. Dishwasher safe. Vortex chamber 051F70000 81-3618 Vortex with Chloe Ladybug Mask 051F7100 81-3626 Vortex with Frog Mask 051F7200 81-3634 Personal Best Peak Flow Meter Features Integrated Asthma Manage- ment Zone System, adjustable for a patient's green, yellow and red zones. Low range 50 - 390 LPM HS756 14-1713 Full range 60 - 810 LPM HS755-012 17-9275 Teleflex Hudson RCI LVE (Lung Volume Exerciser) Features flow range of 200 to 1200 cc/sec., adjustable, clearly marked flow settings. Dual-chamber design to create a constant resistance that lifts the ball when patient maintains inspi- rations equal to the selected inspira- tory flow setting. 921750 79-7035 Philips Respironics OptiChamber Diamond VHC Optimizes delivery of metered dose inhaler (MDI) asthma medication. Smaller than most and features stepped mouthpiece, a clear, anti-stat- ic chamber, and a low resistance expiratory valve. 1077478 59-5512 With small mask 1079823 61-0030 With medium mask 1079826 61-0048 With large mask 1079827 61-0055 Small pediatric mask only HS81110-0 06-1168 Medium pediatric mask only HS81211-0 06-2802 Large adult mask only HS81311-0 06-4584 Drive Medical Medquip Airial VHC Enhances the delivery of Meter Dose Inhaler medications. Accommodates most CFC and HFA meter dose inhalers. Easy to use and clean. Latex free MQ8000 38-0287 FSC Labs AeroChamber Plus Flow-Vu VHC Maximizes the delivery of metered- dose inhaler medications with unique Inspiratory Indicator and EZ Flow exhalation valve. 3154-67 18-4671 With small ComfortSeal mask 0744-13 40-0044 With medium ComfortSeal mask 00456074513 32-9037 With large ComfortSeal mask 0746-13 40-0051 Valved Holding Chambers (VHC), Peak Flow Meter, Lung Exercisers Lupin Pharmaceutical InspiraChamber Valved Holding Chamber Enhances the delivery of Meter Dose Inhaler medications. Features a sensitive audible alert signal for excessively rapid inhalation. Designed to ensure optimal breathing rate4 (~30 L/min flow rate. With InspiraMask 002401 70-3595 InspiraChamber with pacifier-ready SootherMask. With Small SootherMask 002501 70-3587 With Medium SootherMask 002601 70-3603