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173 PersonalBest peak ow meter 5 Laurent Laforest, et al.” Asthmatic patients’ poor awareness of inadequate disease control: a pharmacy-based survey”. Annals of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology. February 2007. Volume 98, Issue 2, Pages 146-152. 69% of patients with inadequate asthma control thought they were well-controlled or fully controlled 5 69% • Objectively measure airway status • Helps patients manage their asthma • Built-in cover converts to a handle for convenience and portability Optichamber Diamond valved holding chamber 3 Dr. R.S. Bonds, “Misuse Of Medical Devices Among Patients In a Tertiary Care Allergy/Immunology Practice.” Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology,February 2014, Volume 133, Issue 2, Supplement, Page AB156. 4 Retail Pharmacist Online Survey”, Pharm/alert Research, 2016. Among retail pharmacies who claim to have a preferred brand of Spacer in their pharmacy. Online survey conducted on 205 registered retail pharmacists. 90% #1 pharmacy preferred brand 4 • Designed to improve medication delivery • Highly visible exhalation valve and auditory whistle aids in patient training of proper technique • Suitable for both adults and pediatrics Also available with LiteTouch mask • Soft-seal technology is designed to contour to face, reduce leakage with minimal applied force for enhanced patient comfort Philips o ers a full line of respiratory drug delivery products designed to be durable and easy to use, helping to empower patients to independently monitor their respiratory condition and e ectively take their medication. 90% of patients have incorrect MDI technique 3 SideStream nebulizers Home nebulizer High quality aerosol therapy for the ešective management of respiratory conditions, at an ašordable price. • Treatments in as little as 6 minutes 1 • Provides delivery of consistent aerosol medication • Compact and lightweight design 1 2.5ml Salbutamol solution drug • Reusable and disposable options available • Designed to provide: - consistent delivery of high quality aerosol. (80% of drug output volume below 5 microns in size). 2 - fast treatment times 2 Baue, A., et al., “Output and Aerosol Properties of 5 Nebulizer/Compressor Systems with Aftormoterol Inhalation Solution”.Respiratory Care, October 2009.54(1) 1342. E‰cient. Easy. Economical.