Home Medical Equipment Catalog, Vol. VI

175 25-1447 44-2079 27-1304 43-6576 43-6048 Masks, Cannulas, Humidifiers Salter Nasal Cannulas 16SOFT Low-Flow (0-6 LPM) Nasal Cannula with 7 ft. tubing. Soft and comfortable with ergonomic fit. Resists twisting and tangling. 16SOFT-7-50 64-8592 Adult Nasal Cannula with 3-channel safety supply tubing. Over-the-ear with curved, tapered nasal prongs, no lip plate. Cannula (no tubing) 1606 26-6767 w/1 ft. tubing 1600-1 27-1304 w/4 ft. tubing 1600-4 27-1395 w/7 ft. tubing 1600-7 44-9231 w/25 ft. tubing 1600-25 26-1016 w/50 ft. tubing 1600-50 51-8670 Adult Nasal TLCannula like #1600 but with foam cushions and large curved facepiece and nasal prongs for flows up to 6 lpm. 1600TLC 25-1447 Conventional nasal cannula with non- flared tips and adjustable tubing that fits over the ears. 1053 19-1221 With 7 ft. smooth bore tubing. 1056 52-5659 Adult Micro Cannula for use with 3 lpm or less. Over-the-ear style with curved, tapered nasal prongs, no lip plate, and 7 ft. 3-channel crush-resis- tant tubing. 1616 44-2079 Infant Nasal Cannula Infant with 7 ft. tubing 1601 23-8733 Salter Labs E-Z Wrap Cannula Wrap Soft, Closed-Cell Foam Tubes pre- vent ear chafing. Gray. 1016 44-9272 Salter Labs Oxygen Tubing & Accessories 3 Channel Safety Tubing with ribbed end connectors. Clear, will not coil. 10 ft. 2010 34-4176 14 ft. 2014 09-4193 25 ft. 2025 12-8215 50 ft. 2050 44-7086 Salter Labs Oxygen Accessories Concentrator Humidifier Adapter Tubing 15". 50/box SO-676 58-7931 Swivel Oxygen Connector 360 0 with secure ribbed ends. 1220 25-5521 Tubing Connector. Straight, barbed 50/pkg. TD03 62-7455 Nipple Nut with plastic hose barb fit- ting. 1205 45-2128 Inline Water Trap. Strong, durable, clear construction. 7001 08-2974 Oxygen Yoke Washer, plastic. 2540 43-5289 Drive Medical Plastic Cylinder Wrench for use on post valve cylin- ders. 25/pkg. EK-1 81-1257 Drive Medical Oxymizer Disposable Oxygen Conserver Facilitates the delivery of high-flow oxygen therapy in a homecare set- ting, comfortable alternative to a mask, allowing patients to eat, drink and talk. Provides an alternative to continuous flow delivery for hard-to- saturate patients. Compatible with compressed gas cylinders, concen- trators and liquid oxygen. Delivers up to a 4:1 savings ratio. Disposable, does not require batteries. 0-224 58-0530 Drive Medical Oxygen Mask Transparent oxygen mask is made with 7 ft. of crush resistant safety tubing to prevent occlusion of oxygen supply. 003A 39-7877 Salter Labs Aerosol Mask Adult elongated aerosol face tent without aerosol tube. Soft clear mask with elastic headstrap. 8100 60-1229 Salter Labs Empty Bubble Humidifiers Empty 350 cc. bubble humidifier with internal audible safety pop-off alarm and durable wing nut and lid. 3 PSI alarm 7100 07-6570 6 PSI brass alarm 7600 25-5505 High Flow 350 cc. Empty Humidifier, 6-15 LPM with auto-reset pressure relief valve, down spout with 360° rectangular diffuser ports, audible pressure relief alert and large quad wing nut connector. 7900 60-9446 MedQuip NO SMOKING Sign Durable white cardboard sign. 7" x 7". MQ0412 44-4539 "NO SMOKING" Warning Sign “Oxygen in Use.” Cardboard weight paper. BF66099 12-2242