Home Medical Equipment Catalog, Vol. VI

176 Marpac Trach Collar Two-piece trach collar with comfort- able cotton lining, adjustable Velcro tube attachments and Velcro adjust- ment. Universal one size fits all. (Trach tube not included.) 201B 31-8592 Posey Foam Trach Collar Soft foam padded collar with double track hook/loop closures holds trach tube in place. 1" wide. (Trach tube not included.) Small fits 7"-10" 8197S 63-0830 Medium fits 9"-17" 8197M 30-2646 Large fits 13"-24" 8197L 63-0848 Baxter Trach Tray Basic kit with peel-back lid, 2 compartment tray, basin, 2 vinyl gloves, trach dressing, 4 gauze sponges, brush, 2 pipe cleaners, 2 cotton-tipped applicators, 30" twill tape, and drape. 3T4691 44-5999 Covidien Trach Care Kits Standard tray packaged in one compartment plastic tray with peel back lid with two-compartment plas- tic basin, two vinyl gloves, 5.5" nylon bristle plastic trach brush, drape, four 4" x 4" gauze sponges, two 3" cotton tipped applicators, two 5.5" pipe cleaners, 4" x 4" 6 ply gauze trach dressing, 36" twill tape. 47800 06-5144 Argyle graduated suction catheter Kit with chimney valve. 14 Fr. suction catheter with chimney valve comes packaged with two powder-free gloves in a hard tray. 37424 39-2282 Argyle graduated suction catheter tray with chimney valve, 6 Fr. coil packed. 50/pkg. 30620 27-8325 Covidien Safe-T-Vac Suction Catheter 10 Fr. Safe-T-Vac suction catheter with Safe-T-Vac thumb control. Coil pack. Sterile. 31020 20-5252 14 Fr. Safe-T-Vac suction catheter with Safe-T-Vac thumb control. Straight pack. Sterile. 31400 43-6345 Dynarex Suction Cath Kits Kit includes pop-up solution cup, suction catheter with control valve (coiled package) and 2 sterile gloves. 8 Fr. 4828 61-7001 10 Fr. 4830 61-6979 Dynarex Tracheostomy Kit Kit includes plastic tray with 3 com- partments, twill tape 30", 2 cotton- tipped applicators 6", trachea tube brush, pre-cut gauze tracheostomy dressing, 4 gauze sponges, 4"×4", 1 pair sterile powder-free vinyl gloves, and 2 pipe cleaners. 4601 70-3827 Dynarex Suction Tubing Non-conductive, latex-free, durable and flexible suction tubing with straw connector. 3/16" x 6 ft. 4682 61-6953 1/4" x 6 ft. 4686 74-5380 Medline Suction Cath Kits Kit includes two vinyl gloves in a peel- down pouch, pop-up cup on outside of sterile wrap, whistle tip catheter with Contro-Vac valve in single loop. Sterile. 12 Fr. whistle tip DYND40971 44-8019 14 Fr. whistle tip DYND40972 14-1853 Kit includes pop-up solution cup and sleeved whistle-tip suction catheter with control valve. Sterile. 14 Fr. DYND40702F 60-7861 Universal Suction Tubing with scalloped connectors. 3/16" x 6 ft. DYND50216 44-6039 Dynarex Suction Cath Kit Each kit contains pop-up solution cup, coil-packed suction catheter with control valve, and two sterile vinyl gloves. Sterile. 8 Fr. 4828 61-7001 Dynarex Yankauer Suction Tool Sterile suction tool with bulb tip to minimize trauma, ribbed connector, blue-tinted, transparent material, slip- resistant handle, and smooth inner surface for maximum flow. Latex free. With Control Vent 4690 56-6034 Non-vented 4691 56-6042 Mallinckrodt Medical Shiley Mallinckrodt Shiley Disposable Inner Cannula, Size 8, For Use with 8DCT, 8DFEN, 8DCFS, 8DCFN. 10/pkg. 8DIC 84-5503 14-1853 Suction Cath Kits, Trach Tubes & Collars