Home Medical Equipment Catalog, Vol. VI

21 Stander EZ Fold-N-GoWalker weighs only 7 lbs, supports up to 400 lbs. Features 6" wheels and easy glide feet. 25.5"w x 21.5"d. Folds to 36"h x 5.25"w x 8"d. Walnut 4300-BW 69-6476 Cobalt Blue 4300-CB 69-6484 Regal Rose 4300-RR 69-6492 Walker Skis for above, 1 pair 4302 73-9854 Drive Medical Deluxe FoldingTravelWalker with 5"Wheels Aluminum walker folds into "Ready Set Go" Pouch. Legs are attached with strong elastic cords for folding. Comes with 5" front wheels, rear glide skis, two side-storage pouches with pockets attached by hook/loop tabs. Height adjustable 29.5"-37". 300 lb. capacity. Red. RTL10263KDR 80-1621 Deluxe Trigger-Release Folding Walker features durable composite trigger release that allows each side to close independently without removing their hands from handle. Sturdy 1" aluminum U-shaped frame for greater clearance. 23.5"w x 16.75"d. 6.5 lbs. 350 lb. capacity. 10224-4 10-0743 Deluxe Two Button FoldingWalker Easy push-button mechanisms may be operated by fingers, palms or side of hand, each side operates independently. Sturdy 1" aluminum U-shaped frame for greater clearance. 22"w x 19"d. 6 lbs. 350 lb. capacity. Adult height 32"-39" 10200-4 26-3418 Junior height 25"-32" 10201-4 44-1113 Above walker with 5" rubber wheels and back glide caps. Adult height 32"-39" 10210-4 79-3927 Deluxe Bariatric Two Button FoldingWalker Sturdy frame with steel legs and side brace features wider and deep design. Easy push- button mechanisms may be operated by fingers, palms or side of hand, each side operates independently. 25.5"w x 20"d. 9 lbs. 500 lb. capacity. Adult height 32"- 39" 10220-2 57-1612 5" Bariatric Rubber Wheels with 2 rear glide caps and 2 glide covers for above walker. 10118-SV 79-6920 Above set with 1 pair of extension legs. 10118-CSV 22-1226 Deluxe Single Button Folding Walker allows quick, one-hand folding. Sturdy 1" aluminum frame has cross brace near vinyl-contoured hand grips to allow for full stride. 24.5"w x 18.5"d. 6 lbs. 300 lb. capacity. Adult height 32"-39". 10202-2 25-5919 SideWalker Sturdy aluminum walker for use of only one hand or arm, folds easily with one hand. 18.5"w x 16"d. Height adjustable 28.5"-35.5". 4 lbs. 300 lb. capacity. 10240-1 29-3233 Invacare Lightweight FoldingWalker Composite lower side brace adds strength and stability, and quieter operation. 300 lbs. capacity. Adult for 5’3"-6'4". Dual release folding mechanism. 6291-A 16-9391 10" Rear Wheels with SureGlide brakes. 1 pair. 6264 21-6671 Tall Leg Extension. 4/pkg. 6275 14-2760 3" Swivel Wheels with rear glide Tips. 1 pair. 6273-4 32-1463 5" Walker Swivel Wheels with glide tps. 1 pair. INV6267 45-6566 Carex Uplift Walker features a lightweight design with two sets of padded grips: at the top of the height adjustable handles and a lower set, which allows user to rise to a standing position gradually. Also features easy single button for folding and matte silver finish with blue crossbar. Height adjusts 30"-37". 20"w x 19.5"d. 6 lbs. 250 lb. capacity. A849CO 69-6278 Classics Dual Button Folding Walker has sides that fold independ- ently for increased stability. Height adjustable 30"-37". 23.5"w x 18.5"d. 6.5 lbs. 300 lb. capacity. A88077 58-3187 Classics Dual Button Folding Walker withWheels has sides that fold independently for increased stability. Features fixed 5" front wheels and back glide caps. Height adjustable 31.75"-37.75". 24.5"w x 21"d. 7 lbs. 300 lb. capacity. A87977 60-1500 Essential Medical Endurance HD FoldingWalker for Users to 500 lbs. Heavy-duty 1" aluminum frame with tab-style double button opening mechanism. Inside width 22.25", height adjustable 31"-38". W1250 14-2059 5" Fixed Wheels for 1250 walker. W1255F-C 14-1184 Walkers 21-6671