Home Medical Equipment Catalog, Vol. VI

22 Essential Medical Sheepette Walker Grip Covers Thick, plush synthetic sheepskin pads with hook/loop closure. Machine wash and dry. 1 pair. D5008 12-1863 Jobar International Walker Tray High-impact poly- styrene tray turns most standard walkers into a TV/transport tray. Features two recessed cup holders and raised edges. 20" x 15" x 1". JB4790 17-8129 Walker Tray with non-slip grip mat turns any standard walker into a TV/transport tray. Features two recessed cup holders and raised edges to prevent spills. JB7591 74-3286 Carex Canvas Walker Basket with collapsible frame has a inside elastic strap to hold items upright. Snap-on hook attaches easily to most walkers. 16.5" w x 6" d x 7.25" h. Black. A829-00 23-0227 Drive Medical Vinyl-CoatedWire Walker Basket with plastic insert tray with cup holder fits most 1" walkers. 16"l x 8"w x 8"h. 10200BR 84-1213 Universal Swivel Cup Holder Durable, lightweight plastic cup holder with clamp swivels to keep contents level. Easily attaches to wheeled walkers, rollators, transport chairs/wheelchairs 5/8"-1". 3"w x 3"l. STDS1040S 80-1613 Essential Medical Three Pocket Walker Pouch fits any walker. Attaches with two Velcro straps, all pockets have Velcro closures. Black. W1216 14-7736 Deluxe Quilted Pouch Soft, quilted pouch with hook/loop closure attach- es by either straps or hoop/loop flap. 6" x 5" x 5.5". Blue confetti W4550 59-4911 Blue pinpoint W4551 59-4929 Easy Basket Snap-OnWire Walker Basket Vinyl-coated metal wire basket with snap-on brackets fits most walkers. 14.5" x 9" x 8". W1616 24-4830 Nova Medical Products Water-Resistant Nylon Pouch has easy-to-access pockets on both front and back. Fits most folding walkers and all Nova 4200 series walkers. Attaches with Velcro to front crossbar of folding walker or back- rest. 13.5"h x 11"w x 1"d. Aloha Pink 4001AP 51-3200 Black 4001BK 51-3119 HangingWalker/Wheelchair Pouch Made of durable fabric with front pockets and large zippered back pocket. Attaches with Velcro to front crossbar of folding walker or back- rest. 15.9"h x 6.1"w x 1.6" d. Aloha Blue P4200SB 51-3317 Black 4001WP 51-3309 Mobility Clutch with front pocket, side zipper pocket and and wrist strap attaches securely to all walk- ers, wheelchairs, transport chairs, canes, and bed rails with two slip resistant hook/loop straps. 4.5"l x 3.25"w x 1.5" d. BGS01 51-3184 Deluxe Cup Holder attaches to front crossbar of walkers, wheelchairs, bed rails, and transport chairs with adjustable hook/loop strap. Arms adjust horizontally to hold cup, folds up when not in use. CH-1000 51-3101 Mobility Flashlight for canes, walkers, transport chairs, and wheel- chairs. Clip-on attachment allows flashlight to swivel. Flashlight is removable for hand use. Requires three AAA batteries (not included). 11"l x 8"w. FL-1000 51-3127 Walker Bags & Accessories HealthSmart Universal Walker Basket has white plastic-coated finish and clear plastic bottom tray with cup holder. 16" x 15.5" x 7". Attaches with U-shape hooks 510-1086-1900 26-0836 Attaches with hook/loop straps 510-1085-1900 06-0756 Replacement clear plastic bottom tray with cup holder. 510-1087-5500 20-3547 Blue DenimWalker Pouch with Velcro attachment has one large pocket. Washable. 12.5" x 15". 510-1069-2400 44-0503 Invacare Walker Basket Rust-resistant, attractive gray vinyl-coated basket mounts easily with snap hooks on the outside or inside of the walker. Fits all Invacare walkers except 6291-HDA. 6098 22-7660 Blue Pinpoint