Home Medical Equipment Catalog, Vol. VI

23 HealthSmart Walkerballs Walker Tennis Ball Glides Precut to fit any walker. 2/pkg. Gray 510-1035-0300 65-5027 Red 510-1035-0800 65-5035 Purple 510-1035-2000 65-5043 Medline GuardianWalker Platform Attachment acts as a high armrest with hand grip, useful for taller individ- uals or those who cannot grip the top of the walker. Lightweight aluminum has washable vinyl padded armrest with hook/loop strap. Can be installed for right- or left- handed use. G07702 73-0515 Drive Medical Universal 3" Rubber Wheels 1 pair with two rear glide caps and two glide covers. Silver 10111 27-5040 Univeral 5" Rubber Wheels. 1 pair of caster wheels with two sets of rear glides. 10109 27-1262 5" Swivel Rubber Wheels with Lock comes with 2 rear glide caps and 2 glide covers. 1 pair. 10115 22-7702 Rear Glide Brakes with 3" Rubber Wheels rolls along surface until weight is applied to hand grip, which activates rubber tip brake. 350 lb. capacity. 1 pair. 10106 15-0474 Glide Ski for 1" tubing of durable composite. White. 1 pair. 10110 08-2396 Walker Glide Ski fits 1.125" tubing. Black. 1 pair. RTL100017 80-1597 Tennis Ball Glides with Replaceable Glide Pads lasts longer than plastic glide cap. Easy to install. 1 pair in can 10119 15-9467 Above with two extra glide caps. 1 pair in box. 10121 80-1589 Replacement glide caps. 1 pair. 10123 16-1208 Nova Medical Products Nova Rubber Tip fits 1-1/8" walker tubing. 1 pair. 40024GR 51-3226 Nova Walker Skis fits 1" tubing on back legs of walkers. Gray. 1 pair. 40027GR 51-3234 Walkeroos Glide Tips for back walker legs. Durable high-density polyethylene tips fit standard 1-1/8". Green 69972 60-5790 Pink 69981 60-5758 Red 69975 60-5766 Walker Accessories Carex 5" FixedWalker Wheels for front of walker. Fits 1" tubing. 1 pair. A839-00 34-9977 Walker Glides for back legs of wheeled walkers. 3 points of contact for stability and long wear. 1 pair. Fits 1" A835-00 59-5470 Fits 1.125" A836-00 59-5488 Walker Ski Glides skim smoothly over most surfaces. Insert into back walker legs, for 1"-1-1/8" tubing. Plastic. 1 pair. A809-00 45-9206 Essential Medical Walker Ski Tips Durable plastic skis fit 1" tubing. White. 1 pair. W601 55-7397 Pop N GlideWalker Skis Durable plastic skis fit 1" tubing. Comes with rubber tips that go over existing legs, and plastic skis that fit on top for secure fit. Black. 1 pair. W605 74-5471 Rubber Tips reinforced with metal washer. 1" gray T40100G 24-1448 1" black T40100BL 41-4953 Invacare Platform Attachment fits all Invacare walkers (except 6291-HDA) and most walkers with 1" tubing. High-strength anodized aluminum tubing with adjustable strap, and flexible open-cell foam handle. 6027 40-5001 5" FixedWheel Attachments with glide tips. 1 set. 6271 14-2570 Walker Glide Tip fits 1-1/8". Each. 1041531 17-2593 Tennis Ball Glides with spring- loaded brakes and lock-out clips. Balls are replaceable. 1 pair. 6290 40-5324