Home Medical Equipment Catalog, Vol. VI

38 Drive Medical Med-Aire Alternating Pressure Pump and Pad System Quiet 4 LPM pump alternately inflates and deflates 130 individual bubble air cells over a five-minute cycle time. Pump has built-in brackets for mounting to bed. Durable, heavy gauge, premium vinyl bubble pad is 78"l x 36"w x 2.5". 300 lb. capacity. System with pad and variable pressure pump 14001E 59-8615 System with pad and fixed pressure pump 14002E 30-4162 Durable, heavy gauge, premium vinyl bubble pad provides superior therapeutic treatment. 78"l x 36"w x 2.5" 14003 16-9821 Above with end flaps 123"l x 36"w x 2.5" 14003-EF 68-3763 Med-Aire 8" Alternating Pressure and Low Air Loss Mattress System Provides both alternating pressure and low air loss to optimize pressure redistribution and manage skin maceration. 8 LPM (liters per minute) airflow control unit offers 10 minute cycles when alternating and may also be used in static mode, features adjustable patient comfort settings, Nylon cover is low shear, fluid- resistant, vapor permeable, quilted and zippered. Each one of the 20, 8" deep air bladders are easily removed and replaced with air leakage plugs. Pillow function maintains the 3 air cells at the head of the bed in static mode for patient comfort. CPR valve allows for rapid deflation. EZ Lock/Quick Release Tubing connector. 80" x 36" x 8". 350 lb. capacity. 14027 51-6401 Premium Guard Gel Overlay 15 gel bladders cover entire patient contact area for the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers. Features convo- luted foam topper, four elastic cor- ner straps, urethane-coated nylon cover that is water resistant and vapor permeable, and vinyl base that is stain resistant and water- proof. Bladders contain an aque- ous non-toxic gel and polystyrene beads to minimize gel migration. 300 lb. capacity. 14893 68-9968 Drive Medical Gel FoamWheelchair Cushion with Gel Bladder Pressure reducing cushion designed to assist in the prevention, treatment and manage- ment of pressure ulcers. Features viscous gel, fire retardant polyure- thane foam shell and removable and replaceable cover with water resist- ant "Top" and "Non-Slip" vinyl base. 18" x 16" x 2", 250 lb. capacity 14888 57-5977 16" x 16" x 3", 275 lb. capacity 14891 57-5944 18" x 16" x 3", 275 lb. capacity 14886 57-5951 20" x 16" x 3". 275 lb. capacity 14894 57-5969 22" x 18" x 3", 300 lb. capacity 14902 62-6184 Compressed Coccyx Cushion Durable foam cushion with coccyx cut-out and tilted design reduces pressure on spine and coccyx. Removable, machine-washable cover included. Compressed pkg. automatically expands to full size when removed from packaging. 18"w x 14"d x 3"h. RTL1491COM 80-1530 Essential Medical Fleece Covered Gel Wheelchair Cushion features a gel bladder and removable washable fleece/nylon cover. 18" x 16" x 3" D4100 69-7904 Rose Heathcare Gel Seat Cushion with Fleece Top Gel layer between top soft foam and bottom firm foam layers provide perfect weight distribution. Removable, washable, navy cover with fleece top included. 16" x 18" x 3.5" 3998G 66-8277 16" x 18" with coccyx cut-out 4005GC 10-6849 Wheelchair Positioner Designed for patient security and good pos- ture with 8" x 10" Masonite support in center panel. Fits standard wheel- chair and transport chairs and has a black nylon waterproof cover. 26" x 3-3/4" x 10" 2087 67-3855 Gel/Foam/Air Pressure Relief Nova Medical Products Easy Air Seat Cushion Llightweight cushion with adjustable air foam combination. Air release valve allows the cushion to be adjusted, automatically reinflates with no pump required. Zippered, breathable mesh cover is washable. 18"w x 16"d x 3"h. 250 lb. capacity. 2618A-R 75-4127