Home Medical Equipment Catalog, Vol. VI

39 Reachers Essential Medical Deluxe Rotating-Head Reacher Lightweight aluminum reach- er has rotating head with magnet and hanging device and built-in wrist support. 26.5" length P2224 28-4661 32.5" length P2225 23-7818 Carex E-Z Grabber Reacher Reacher has a 90 0 rotating arm, wrist support, and locking tab. 32" length. P606-CO 27-2211 PikStik TelescoPik Reacher Adjusts from 30"-44" by simply turning the locking collar. Aluminum and polycarbonate reacher features textured non-slip tips with foam rubber insert, dimpled no-slip handle, patented 360 degree rotating jaws that open to 5.5" jaws, and ergonomic trigger grip that can lift up to 5 lbs. 30"-44" length. T3044 63-2679 PikStik Pro Reacher Rustproof durable thermoplastic resin with non-slip tips, dimpled no-slip handle, patented 360 degree rotating jaws that open to 5.5", and handle-locking mechanism. One-piece molded jaw housing will never separate. 20" length P201 63-2653 32" length P321 63-2661 Essential Medical Aluminum Reacher Anodized aluminum reacher with strong plastic jaw, heavy-duty nylon cord, and magnetic tip. 26.5" length P2226 22-4303 32.5" length P2232 22-4337 Folding reacher, 22" length P2222 41-5950 HeatlhSmart Aluminum Reachers with Magnetic Tip Lightweight brushed aluminum reach features 2.5" serrated jaw opening with interlocking tips, magnet on jaw, and slip-resistant ergonomic contoured handle. 26" length. 640-1764-0621 43-6493 Carex Lightweight Aluminum Reacher Features a trigger handle that pulls jaws tight and a magnet at the end that helps lift small metal objects. 27" length. P602-00 41-2247 PikStik Classic Reacher Rustproof durable thermoplastic resin with pistol grip and tips molded to jaws so they will never separate. 36" length. C361 63-2646 Essential Medical Deluxe Knee/Hip Complete Kit Includes P2232 32" Aluminum Reacher, L3009 Molded Sock Aid, L3020 Wooden Dressing Stick, L3025BK 32" Black Shoelaces (3 pr.), L3025WH 32" White Shoelaces, L3027 Jumbo Shoehorn, and L3041 Deluxe Hourglass Bath Sponge. L3033 19-5990 Drive Medical Aluminum Reacher Only 12 ounces of pressure required at trigger to close jaws. Lightweight luminum. 26.5" long. RTL5020 80-1456 Nova Deluxe Hip Kit Includes dressing stick, shoe horn, sock aid, bath sponge with deluxe long handle, 32" dragon reacher, and two pairs of 32" elastic shoelaces. PA-1000 83-9126 Drive Medical Hip Kit contains long-handled bath sponge RTL1020, polyethylene stocking aid RTL2012, hand-held 32" reacher RTL5021, plastic shoe horn RTL2049, and 2 black elastic shoe laces RTL2050. RTL9506 75-3210 Hip Kits