Home Medical Equipment Catalog, Vol. VI

41 Kole Imports Jumbo Shoe Horn Durable plastic Jumbo Shoe Horn with a hanging hole is 18.25" long. Assorted colors. GC399 79-6748 Essential Medical Dressing Stick 27" wooden stick has plastic-coated metal push/pull hook at one end (shown) and C-shaped hook at the other end. L3020 12-0295 Button/Zipper Pull Contoured handle with stainless steel hook at one end for buttons and a coated C-shaped hook at the other end for zip. L3022 60-6418 Deluxe Sock Aid features molded cup, 48" straps with handles, and garter clips. For standard and com- pression stockings. L3009 11-2730 Terrycloth-Lined Sock Aid has 32" straps with loop handles. L3010 12-0048 Plastic Shoe Horn 18" long durable plastic shoehorn has hook at one end to position shoes, and cord for hanging. L3023 60-6426 Shoe Horn with Bendable Head Chrome-plated shoe horn has flexible head for easy, comfortable use. Large, easy-to-grip handle has wrist strap. 27" length. L3024 12-0360 Jumbo Metal Shoe Horn 27" long rigid metal shoe horn with rubber grip and built-in hanging device. L3027 53-1210 Nova Medical Products 27" Dressing Stick with hooks on both ends. PA-1001 83-9134 24" Plastic Shoehorn PA-1002 83-9142 Terry-Cloth Sock Aid with smooth nylon inner liner and long straps. PA-1003 83-9159 Plastic Sock Aid with long straps. PA-1007 83-9241 HealthSmart Vivi PocketDresser includes stain- less steel tools in pocket knife-style handle: large and small button hook, closed loop buttoner for delicate fabrics, and zipper pick. Features quick-release hand strap and belt clip . 640-9050-0001 66-6503 Zipper Ring Pulls Silver 1" rings. 3/pkg. 640-9002-0000 55-6936 No Bend Shoe Remover features raised ridges on supporting foot rest. Latex free. 640-9003-0000 55-6969 Telescopic Shoe Horn Durable and lightweight with hanging storage hook hole. Length adjusts 21-7/8"-32-3". 640-9005-0000 55-7017 Essential Medical Cotton/Poly Gowns with raglan sleeves and center tie. Machine wash/dry. Print on light blue C3009 22-4659 Blue print on white C3010 22-4683 Blue C3012 22-5318 Pink C3013 31-7404 Deluxe Gown Cotton/poly broad- cloth with raglan sleeves and snap full-back overlap. Unisex. Machine wash/dry. Blue C3022 22-5664 Print on white C3023 22-5821 King/Queen Size Unisex Gown of cotton/poly fits up to 3XL, has elbow length sleeves and snap full-back overlap. Machine wash/dry. Unisex print. C3200 44-9413 Soft N' Cozy Half-Sleeve Unisex Flannel Gown Knit polyester with snap overlap. Machine wash/dry. Mint. C3075 44-9579 Elastic Shoelaces Slip shoes on/off without untying and retying. 3 prs./pkg. 24" black L3025BK 60-6434 24" white L3025WH 60-6442 32" black L3026BK 60-6459 32" white L3026WH 60-6467 Nova Elastic Shoelaces Allows laced shoes to be slipped on and off easily. 1 pair. 32" black PA-1005 83-9183 32" white PA-1006 83-9191 Dr. Scholl's Women's Spa Low Cut Socks With Treads Features soft feather yarn, gripper sole and non-binding top. 1 pr. Lavender, 1 pr. Green DSL-8500-LGU 61-0675 1 pr. Pink, 1 pr. Black DSL-8500-PB2 74-5695 1 pr. Pink, 1 pr. Blue DSL-8500-PBU2 61-0667 Rose Healthcare Lighted Magnifying Nail Clipper Wide non-slip grips, wide opening for thick nails, and 3X magnifier with bright LED light. ABS plastic and stainless steel clipper. 3 button cell batteries included. 3104DP 79-4495 Drive Medical Extra-Long Comb and Brush have anti-slip handles and are easy to clean. 14.5" long. Latex free. Comb RTL1441 74-0670 Brush RTL1442 74-0688 Blue Max 23" Metal Shoe Horn won't snag socks or stockings. RTL2046 80-1423 Apex Button/Zipper Puller for pulling the button or zipper into position. Folds to half-length to fit into pocket or purse. EN27CRD 50-3094 Clothing & Grooming Aids to Daily LIving