Home Medical Equipment Catalog, Vol. VI

40 Bathing Aids to Daily Living Shampoo Aids HealthSmart Deluxe Inflatable Bed Shampoo Basin Heavy-duty vinyl basin inflates easily and comes with drain hose. 28" x 24" x 6". 540-8085-0000 44-4307 Jobar Molded Shampoo Tray Durable plastic tray is contoured to fit neck and shoulders. Compact, light- weight with raised edges, and has 35" nylon strap that wraps around the user's forearm. JB4722 17-5877 Sage Comfort Rinse-free Shampoo Cap Premoistened, fabric-lined cap with rinse-free shampoo and conditioner can be warmed in microwave. Clean scent. Each. 7909 51-0057 Lotion & Hygiene Aids Jobar Roll-A-Lotion Applicator 38" diameter applicator head holds lotion and has 19 floating massage balls. 17" handle is removable. TV3747 18-0570 Jobar Long Reach Comfort Wipe Personal Hygiene Aid Soft flexible head grips toilet paper securely. Contains a unique release button for fast, sanitary disposal. 15.75" length. JB5231 18-2246 Bathing Aids Drive Medical Pre-Moistened Wash Glove Soft, non-woven mate- rial pre-moistened with a non-rinse washing lotion without soap or alco- hol. Single use. RTL12086 80-1415 Nova 24" Long-Handled Bath Sponge PA-1004 83-9167 Essential Medical Sponge with Handle Large, hour- glass shaped foam sponge with 20" durable plastic angled handle and hanging hook. L3041 17-2684 Round Sponge with Handle Firm 4.75" sponge on 20" handle with hanging hook. L3040 60-6475 Lotion EZE Applicator features soft, washable pad to apply lotion and ergonomic handle. L3042 60-6483 Replacement pads. 2/pkg. L3043 72-1118 Nail Brush with Suction Cups features large, grooved handle and nylon bristles. L3050 60-6491 Deluxe Shower Mats Mat is 21" x 21" with center drain holes, non-skid surface and secure- grip suction cups. Mildew resistant. Blue B3417B 60-6798 Cream B3417C 60-6806 9-Pc. Deluxe Bath Mat Display Shower mats in display box for shelf or counter top. AS34 77-4141 Cast and Bandage Aids Sani-Cast Cast Itch & Odor Cleanser Kit features a flexible appli- cator and 36 pre-medicated pads for cleaning inside cast. SCC-24 57-0622 Pre-moistened pad refills. 36/pkg. SCJ-36 57-0630 Bell-Horn AquaArmor Reusable waterproof protector. Latex-free diaphragm stretches eover a cast or bandage to form watertight seal. Adult hand 30100 60-9834 Short Arm 30101 51-3564 Long arm 30102 51-3572 Short leg 30103 51-3580 Long leg 30104 51-3598 Wide short leg 30106 60-9859 Foot/ankle 30105 60-9842 HealthSmart Cast Protector with elastic opening and latex strap for a tight seal. Reusable. Contains latex. 10" x 29" for large arm 539-6560-0123 44-4026 13" x 41" for small leg 539-6561-0121 44-4281 Carex Cast and Bandage Protector Reusable plastic with stretch opening that forms a tight seal. Latex-free. For smaller arm cast below elbow. 22" x 6" x 6" P201-00 16-5985 For foot and ankle casts 23" x 8" x 8" P202-00 18-3848 Adult/youth arm casts above elbow 22" x 8" x 8" P203-00 17-7873 For larger ankle/leg casts above knee. 31" x 8" x 8" P204-00 18-7849 Curad Cast Protector Reusable wtih unique opening that stretches to fit over the cast and then regains its original shape to fit tightly. 2/pkg. Kid arm CUR100KAA 45-9776 Kid leg CUR100KLL 45-9495 Adult arm CUR200AAA 45-9578 Adult leg CUR200ALL 45-9701 Drive Medical Cast Protector Stretch tight fit - no straps or adhesive. Reusable. Latex-free. Each. Arm 20" RTLPC23404 80-1514 Leg 24.5" RTLPC23402 80-1522 Nova Medical Cast Protectors Reusable plastic cast and bandage protector with a 6" diameter. Plastic ring and diaphragm create a tight seal. Latex-free. ArmYouth 18" 8113-R 83-9050 Arm Adult 22" 8116-R 83-9084 Arm Adult 39" 8115-R 83-9076 Leg Youth 18" 8114-R 83-9068 Leg Youth 31" 8119-R 83-9118 Leg Adult 23" 8118-R 83-9100 Leg Adult 42" 8117-R 83-9092