Home Medical Equipment Catalog, Vol. VI

73 Bell-Horn Abducted Thumb Spica Lightweight, perforated outer shell and cool terry liner with hook/loop straps. Universal size. 87100 26-9373 Universal Thumb Stabilizer Thumb support with malleable splint does not restrict hand movement. Universal size for wrist 5.5"-10.5". Fits right or left hand. 364 36-5254 Deluxe Thumb Splint Lightweight, perforated outer shell, terry liner, and hook/loop straps prevents wrist rotation. Universal size for wrist 5-11". Fits the right or left thumb. 334 36-3028 Pro-Wrap Thumb Stabilizer Low-profile, universal wraparound neoprene support features removable and moldable aluminum and spiral stays, and a movable elastic thumb strap. Fits left of right thumb. Universal BH82700 76-8614 Universal XL BH82701 76-8622 Pro-Wrap Thumb Splint Features perforated neoprene, dorsal, radial and palmar stay pockets, and moldable aluminum stay and spiral stay in each pocket. Fits left of right thumb. Universal size. BH82710 76-8630 Futuro Deluxe Thumb Stabilizer Low profile soft breathable support features comfortable thumb sleeve and strap, two stays, durable non- elastic lacing system with hook tab. Use on right or left hand. SM/MD 45843EN 72-6307 LG/XL 45844EN 72-6299 Mueller Sports Medicine Thumb Stabilizer features adjustable metal splint, shock absorb- ing foam at base of thumb, extra-long thumb strap. Universal size. 4518 69-0818 Thumb Stabilizer offers maximum support. Features breathable fabric with two stays, three adjustable straps and AEGIS Microbe Shield. Fits left or right. Measure around wrist 5.5"-10.5". 62712 83-2774 Orthopedic Gloves Orthopedic Thumb Stabilizers Bell-Horn Arthritic Aids Therapeutic Gloves Provides comfortable, warming relief with mild compressive support. Constructed with bamboo lining to retain natural body heat, long-lasting relief for aching hand, wrists and fingers. SM 7"-7.5" 384S 51-3523 MD 8"-8.75" 384M 51-3531 LG 9.25"-10.5" 384L 51-3549 XL 10.75" x 11.5" 384XL 51-3556 BraceYourself For Action Support Gloves Silky smooth and breathable for all-day wear, with compression strap for added gentle pressure. Good for arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome sufferers, aching wrists or hands as well as minor injuries. Measure palm circumference. 1 pair. SM 6.5"-7.5" 99340S 32-4541 MD 7.5"-8.5" 99340M 32-9193 LG 8.5"-9.5" 99340L 35-0611 Brown Medical Arthritis Glove Soft breathable cotton Lycra glove provides mild compression for warmth. Designed to help relieve aches, pains and stiff- ness. Open fingertips give freedom to touch, feel and grip. Measure across the knuckles. Latex-free. Gray. SM up to 3-1/8" A20170T 34-9985 MD up to 3-1/2" A20171T 35-0884 LG up to 4" A20172T 35-1569 Futuro Energizing Support Glove Breathable, latex-free glove with adjustable wraparound strap for customized fit and support. Fits right or left. 1 glove. Tan. SM/MD palm 7.5"-8.5" 09183EN 72-6281 Mueller Sports Medicine Compression and Support Glove with adjustable strap and finger hole design. Breathable fabric for comfort- able all-day wear. Fits right or left hand. Beige. Each. SM/MD palm width < 3.4" 6905 83-2790 LG/XL palm width > 3.4" 6908 83-2808