Home Medical Equipment Catalog, Vol. VI

74 Orthopedic Elbow Supports Aircast Aircell Inflatable Armband Pneumatic Armband. Aircell within an elastic, foam-lined, adjustable band is inflated for a custom fit. One size fits all. 8106S 44-9009 3M Ace Neoprene Elbow Brace with Comfort Sleeve Breathable neoprene-blend sleeve with hook/loop adjustable compression and antimicro- bial treatment. Fits up to 16" around lower bicep. 207249 54-8412 Ace Neoprene Tennis Elbow Support features universal adjustable fastener. 2.25"l x 3.75"w x 5.125"h. 205323 57-6645 Ace Compression Elbow Support Seamless contoured design insures firm, even compression. MD 11.75"-13.75" 207318 54-8388 LG 14"-16" 207319 54-8404 Futuro Sport Tennis Elbow Support features tendon pad cushion, breathable moisture-wicking material, and adjustable fasteners. Use on right or left elbow. 7"-14". 45975EN 56-2181 Futuro Comfort Lift Elbow Support Sleeve design with breathable four-way stretch. 42SM 76577EN 56-1969 42MD 76578EN 56-1977 42LG 76579EN 56-1985 Mueller Sports Medicine Tennis Elbow Support Lightweight, durable neoprene-blend fabric wrap with adjustable strap. One size fits most 7"-14'. 819 71-7157 Tennis Elbow Support with Positionable Gel Pad Adjustable antimicrobial strap. Universal size. Blister pack 70207 69-0867 Retail box 6341 83-2873 Elbow Elastic Suppor t Lightweigtht elastic knit provides firm support. Features top weave to prevent rolling, and reinforced edges. MD 74182 69-0750 LG 74183 69-0768 “Green” Adjustable Elbow Support Slip-on neoprene-blend support with breathable HydraMesh fabric panel, adjustable straps and antimicrobial treatment. Universal. 63150 70-6077 Adjustable Elbow Support Slip-on neoprene-blend support with breath- able HydraMesh panel and adjustable straps. Antimicrobial. Universal. Blister pack 75217 69-0842 Retail box 6305 83-2865 Bell-Horn BandIT Forearm Band Unique design consists of two plastic plates with soft curved neoprene on the insides to stimulate blood flow and oxygen. Universal size. 357 23-0961 PneuGel Tennis Elbow Support Features air pack and pump for various amounts of pressure and air pack containing gel which can be placed in freezer for cold therapy. Universal size. 300 12-5575 ProStyle Tennis Elbow Sleeve Tapered fit elastic sleeve features terry-lined "all weather" neoprene and loop lock compression strap. Measure elbow circumference. SM 9"-10" 305S 13-9337 MD 10"-12" 305M 14-0467 LG 12"-14" 305L 14-4675 XL 14"-16" 305XL 15-0573 Tennis Elbow Strap + Pad Sturdy strap has compression pad to apply support to the forearm tendons. Measure elbow circumference. SM/MD 9"-11" 308S/M 45-9974 LG/XL 11"-14" 308L/XL 10-1741 BraceYourself For Action Tennis Elbow Strap with Cold Pack Elastic strap features a removable gel pack. Up to15". 99370 33-9598 Standard Elbow Support Soft and lightweight with adjustable hook/loop closure provides comfortable, firm support. Universal size. 194 45-9958 Elastic Elbow Support Lightweight, anatomically designed surgical elastic support. Beige. Measure elbow circumference. SM 8"-9" 195S 10-5734 MD 9"-10" 195M 11-3167 LG 10"-11" 195L 11-5824 XL 11"-12" 195XL 12-1202 Junior Elbow Sleeve Tapered fit and loop lock compression strap assures that the correct amount of compression is applied. Pediatric 6.5"-7.5". PED407 07-2900